My Verification Post: @iyanpol12/Luzon / April 8, 2022

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I am supposed to do this way back but I forget it often, and thanks to sir @long888 and @junebride for always reminding me. Sorry if I responded quite late. It seems I am aging enough for being forgetful. 😂

Anyway, I am @iyanpol12, 38 years old and I'm from Pangasinan! I learned about Steemit in 2017, and decided to join around August 2017 from Facebook friends, whom I met from old writing platforms.

Steemit became one of my favorite websites then, and has been logging in religiously, actually everyday. You can see it from my thousands of posts (more than 12k as of this writing). I earned good amount of money then (though not so much now) but still a fan of this platform, and positive about its future. This platform paved the way for me to explore more about the crypto world.

I also referred a lot of users, and some of them are still here including my girlfriend @shula14, who is now my wife.

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Is @shula14 posted here verification already? If not, she can also do it here in our community.

Thank you for verifying sir
Welcome to Steemit Philippines . I've read some of your posts here in our community. 🙂

Thanks po sir for checking out. 🙂

Welcome po. Maam po ako hehe

ahh yeah shula is your wife pala.. welcome again to steemitphilippines sir!

Thanks po. Nahiya nga ko. Ang tagal ko nagjoin. May time na sabi ko, wag na lang kasi parang nakakahiya. Ang tagal gumawa ng verification. Hehe

Bakit naman mahiya we are family here, there and there haha

Welcome aboard sir. Enjoy your stay with us

Thanks po.

Hello sir @iyanpol12,
Welcome po sa Steemit Philippines, minsan napag usapan ka talaga namin kung kailan ka mag pa verify..atleast ngayon kasama kana namin "officially".

Hello po sir. Sorry po natagalan. Hehe. Salamat po.

Thank you for verifying yourself and welcome to Steemit Philippines. We really wait for this verification. God Bless! 😇

Thank you sir. She haven't done the verification yet, but she's planning one of these days.

Thank you for participating in the verification process po. :)

Thanks po.

Wow finally hehe thank you @iyanpol12 for formally joining us, good to have you here.

Please let @shula14 post her verification also.

Welcome to this wonderful community @iyanpol12. And say hey to @shula14. She is also highly welcome 🤗 in this community