The Diary Game Season 03| December 2, 2021 | Somehow an Ordinary Day

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It has been a very struggling days for all of us. My sister has been complaining of some body pains due to her condition. So, we decided to gather in her room to have just a talk, it was a real fun talk. Some of the kids went there too to entertain her. My sister likes kids, she likes playing with them. We started our day with a good vibes to make our whole day perfect :)The conversations were just about petty and nonsense things. Laugh here and there just the lighten the mood. It's actually our habit to always talk to each other whatever the topics are. This serves as our family bonding.


Since my sister is a teacher, she needs to do a bunch of things such as the modules, score recording and etc. However, she is still weak to complete those tasks. So, here I am to the rescue. I did some of her paper works which were a bit confusing for me. There were some papers that should be printed and fill out. I did all of them. Luckily, I was able to finish them correctly :) It's really never easy to be a teacher, you need patience not only for your students but also for paper works.


After accomplishing all my sister's papers. I proceeded doing my own tasks. I usually prepare some activities for my classes. I always makes sure to have them ready before the class. I am teaching 2 kids, they are 9 and 6 years old. Naturally, kids have short attention span, thus, a lot of activities must be prepared in order for them to have the motivation to stay focus on your class. I always print some pictures with colors, in this way I can make them be more interested in the class.

This day is not that interesting for me, for I am just doing things related to school :D On the other hand, I was able to lend a hand to someone important to me, and that made my day still productive.

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