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Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord!

I want to share with you our successful mission in the mountain of sharing gifts and foods to these precious tribal kids. Thanks also for the Samaritan purse Philippines for distributing boxes of school supplies and toys. Glory to God!


It was really a great blessings to the village for the first time their children received such kind of gifts. You can see the joy and amazement in their hearts of these precious kids, they are so much grateful to God for all the surprising blessings they got received.


Thanks God for our co-ministers who works so hard for the villages and making disciples of the parents and teaching their kids how to read the Bible and memorising Bible verses and even how to worship God by way of singing and praising. Such a great impact to the community when God is the Lord over their place as well as in their hearts. The parents are so glad when they knew that their kids got the gifts as recepients of the Samaritan purse Philippines, they are also got certification coming from the foundation of Samaritan purse Philippines..... Glory be to God!
We started the ministry of this tribal kids throughout villages in the mountain, we do feeding mission to various sitio until we get close to some parents and the tribal Datu like the chieftain of the villages were all friends as well, such a great opportunity to us where we can serve them as we served the Lord... Such a great joy to us serving these precious brethren in the Lord, remember we are all one in the eyes of God and perhaps, this is one way how we fulfill the great commission of the Lord which we can evangelized them and make them disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ...

Our ultimate purpose is not to present dinomanation nor any religious names but purely the Love of God that the people now a days need to know the way of salvation it is only by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. When we understand the saving grace of Jesus Christ it teaches us to live according to God's will and his righteousness and holiness will be guarantee to manifest in us and through us along the way...


Thanks to all of you my dear steemian families may God keep you and bless you more abundantly!

To God be all the Glory!

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Kitang kita sa mga mata ng bata yung saya na nakatanggap sila ng regalo. God bless po sainyo.

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Salamat Ng marami po @kneelyrac