Steemit Engagement Challenge S3:W3 - What different animals can teach humans by @temitopef

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Hello Steemians, it's another beautiful day and I am so excited to join this contest with the topic: What different animal can teaches human. The animal I will be using for this discussion is Dog, I will be talking about their relationship with a human, their similarities, differences, and what they can teach human with their behavior and their way of living.

What Different Animals can Teach Humans

Animals are wonderful creatures that can exhibit a good relationship with humans over the years, today I will be talking about dogs because I have been able to stay around dogs, study, and play with them. A dog is a faithful and loyal companion, that cares for and protects their kind and humans.

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The human and dog relationship has grown so much that some see them as more than a pet or security but as their children and family, there is a strong bond between them such that they are attached, such as when the owner falls sick or sad, his dog will not be as vibrant, cheerful and playful as before until it's owner become well and happy.

They are considered human best friends because they are always loyal and do not betray them like their fellow human usually does, dog play, live peacefully, and work together with humans. It shares and understand its owner's emotions and they don't keep its own emotions from its owner too. They are always seen as being protective and possessive of their human family if they notice any harm or threat. They learn about human communication gestures and how to respond to humans during their interaction with human

Similarities between Animal (Dog) and Human

  • Both dogs and humans have the same characteristics of feeding, respiration, movement, reproduction, excretion, irritability, and circulation. They also can feel, taste, hear, see and perceive their environment. Dogs have the same organs as humans such as the stomach, intestine, liver, brain, and even prostrate.

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  • Both humans and dogs are affectionate, as humans crave affection and love, so also dogs crave affection like cuddling and hugging from owners as a sense of assurance of love from their owners and security. The dog understands emotion and how to behave accordingly. They also get jealous of humans.

  • Medically, dogs also have a similar vulnerability to humans because they can develop heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, some types of cancer, and can also become overweight.

  • Difference between Dog and Human

    As much as a dog is a very good friend and has a great relationship with humans, there are some differences between a dog and a human such as their primary sense organs and so on.

  • Human eye serves as our primary sense organ but the dog depends on its nose as it's a primary sense organ.

  • Dogs rely on their instinct while humans use instinct and can also think and reason.

  • Humans and dogs are different mentally, human lives in the past or future while dog live in the present moment.

  • Importance of appreciating the other beings who share the earth with us

    It is important to appreciate another living beings who share this earth with us because they have been our companions, eyes, ears, and workers. They have been of help to us in various ways, Dogs are being used for security purposes, and investigation and also play a role of a friend and family, they are always there when we need them.

    Furthermore, dog is one true friend that can not betray or let you down and having a dog around helps ease loneliness, reduce depression and encourage exercise and playfulness. When you appreciate and show love and care to dogs, they show back loyalty, support, care and love back to you.

    What Dog can teach us about them

    Showing Gratitude: Dogs do show gratitude to their owner for taking care of them by loving, caring, and being by their owner's side and smiling at their owner when being fed.

    They are Forgiving: Humans can lash out, yell or punish our animals, especially dogs but they would still come back to us and cuddle, they don't keep grudges like we human.

    Unconditional Love: Dog is the best example of an animal that shows unconditional love, they can sense and understand our feeling without saying a word, and they always show support and love.

    They have a Listening Ear: Dog always give a listening ear no matter what the owner is saying, they would always listen and show they are always there for us and to hear us regardless of whether they understand or not.

    They are Truthful: Dogs are always truthful with their feelings, they don't hide their joy and fear, and they show their owner how exactly they are feeling.

    Brave and Loyal: Dog's loyalty can not be bought, once they love, care, and are loyal to you, they are loyal forever. They show bravery to their owner and protect them to the very last moment.


    Dog has been wonderful companion to humans over the years, they care, love, protect, and are loyal to their owner. They teach us that their loyalty can not be bought, someone told me someday that if you care, love, and trust your fellow human, they can betray you but if you channel those love, care, and trust to the dog, they will love and serve you till the very end.

    We have seen how much dog cares, pamper, and protect human infant. They can learn and adapt quickly to new environments. This is where I will be stopping for now. Thank you for reading.

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    Exactly why they are called man's best friend. Its a very nice work you have put out. I enjoyed every bit of it.

    I'm glad you like it, thank you for reading.

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    Thank you for upvoting my article.

    Hola, fue un gusto leer su contenido, fue una gran entrada y con muy valiosa información, le deseo mucho éxito en este concurso y espero siga aprendido de muchos otros animales presentados en esta gran temática .

    Son grandes cosas que nos enseñan estos animales tan lindos como los perros .

    You are right, I've read on other people's articles about other animals like parrot, horse, fowl, tortoise and so on, they are all great animals with many lesson we can learn from them. Thank you for sharing on my post.

    It is very true that dogs are the most faithful pets, they are loyal, reliable, sweet and loving, how important it is to learn this and apply it with our friends and loved ones.

    Nice post, good luck!

    Thank you for sharing on my post.

    The most famous attitude of a dog is his loyalty. When you lose everything, your friends leave, your parents do too, a dog will always be loyal to its owner, forever. They will not leave you alone.

    They love without expecting anything in return. They are always grateful and grateful to the people around them, no matter how small their contribution to their lives. As humans, we should learn more about this kind of love from dogs and practice it on the people around us.

    I also made a post about animals that teach humans, if you have time please see it and I am very happy.

    You are right friend, dog loyalty can never be bought, once they love you, they will stay with you forever.

    I like your post, very impressive.

    Honestly, I sometimes like seeing how dogs are playing love which is very funny to me because they often act as if they are fighting why it's love that they are playing. I so much love how you have explained everything you have said. Best of luck to you dear.

    Honestly we tend to learn each time we are with animals most especially dogs. I am glad that you were able to learn something from your dog. Best of luck to you.

    Thank you for reading

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