6 Steps To Overcome Anger!

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We often end up doing or saying things in the fit of anger that makes us regret for the rest of our lives! When one is infuriated with anger he becomes so possessed by anger that his conscious self almost goes to a sleep and he loses the ability to judge what is right at that moment and what is wrong.

But if we become little conscious of few things and if we add little habbits in our lives we can easily overcome the issue of anger.

    We often regret saying things that we should ot have said. And we realise it only after we have made the statement. this is because we are not conscious enough to catch the words before it has spoken. Just by being little aware of our thoughts and words before it has spoken we can avoid many fights and unnecessary arguments!

    It is always a better option to seek for maturity and understanding. When anybody is in anger it may be difficult to act and react in a mature way. But immediately when the heated moment is gone and once we have become calm, we must immediately try to talk to the concerning person politely and must express our concern for being angry and rude. This will not only ease the concerning person but will also unburden us for the guilt that we carry after being angry on a person.

    Holding grudges gives birth to supress anger which one day becomes so hot that it makes the person burst in to extreme anger. It is really important to learn the art of forgiveness, because if you don't learn the art of forgiveness and love soon you will find yourself totally engulfed by anger and other negative emotions. And it may become so much that you may never be able to come out of it.

    Catharsis is a wild and a very beautiful way of unburdening ourselves for all theunnecessary baggages that our mind is carrying. Lock yourself in a room for few minutes whenever you feel a supressed anger inside and try to be totally angry and express all your anger. You can punch a pillow if you feel like, you can abuse, shout.. do whatever you feel like doing and don't hold back anything, release all the anger that is inside you! You will become so relaxed and calm, within few days you will realised that you have become a much calm person and you don't become angry easily.

    Playfulness is a very good quality that we often lose with age. It helps the mind to remain young and fresh! We must return to our childhood self and give it the energy that it craves for. We have forgotten to dance and play and be happy for no reason. Let us all be playful and become children again, lets revive our inner child.

    Meditaion calms the body, mind and soul! It fills the person with positive thoughts. A man of meditation is more aware thus he has control over his speech. If you can become little aware you can easily avoid saying things that leads a person to arguments and fights.

Thanks for taking the time and reading my post, I wish you all happiness and peace in life💝💝💝

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