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(Best feelings for a woman when she get a chance to be a mother)

Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are especially enjoying your Sunday.

Some relationships are always exceptional. Today is mother's day, and I wish all mothers greetings for the day.

Though, I didn't believe that we could show our gratitude to them only by celebrating one day for them. Each day is Mother's Day for me.

Because they deserve our love, care and respect each day.

Today while visiting the Baby shower ceremony of my nephew's wife;
I felt that now she would become a complete woman.

I always feel that every woman is special;
because the Almighty blessed them with the power of motherhood.

Now let me share my day in detail with you all.






(I wish you all a happy Sunday)


Today at 4 am, I went to sleep because I had some work that I wanted to finish, and after that, I woke up at 7 am;

Because my brother sent one of his workers to collect my prescription.

So, I only slept for three hours. Then I refreshed myself and had my morning green tea.

After that, I took my shower and made myself ready to visit my sister's house. Today after a long time, I wore a saree but forgot to capture pictures.

After some time, the car reached my place, and the bag I packed yesterday night;
So, I started my journey.

I hadn't taken anything for breakfast because no time was left to prepare the breakfast.



(I gifted this saree to my nephew's wife in her baby shower)



Firstly I decided to visit my brother's shop because I needed to purchase a saree for my nephew's wife as a gift.

So, while reaching my aunt's house, I only kept my luggage inside the house and went to the shop.

After visiting the shop, I told my brother to show me some sarees;
and one of his staffers showed me some sarees.

He showed me several collections, but from them;
I chose one Jamdani with a deep blue and deep pink combination because the would-be mother's complexion is very fair.


(I have taken this saree for me)

After that, I also took a saree for myself;
but my brother didn't take money for my saree. Then I purchased some sweets for them.

From there, my elder brother left me home with his two-wheeler.

My aunt had already gone to my sister's house;
so I went there with my sister-in-law and another nephew went to my sister's place.

I handed over the gift and started chatting with my relatives.

In the meantime, my eldest aunt came to visit the occasion with her daughter-in-law.


(A few photographs of the occasion)


After almost forty minutes, the ritual of the baby shower started;
and I clicked some photographs of the occasion.

After several years I met with my many relatives;
so there were some emotional moments too.

After finishing the ritual, we went to have our lunch.

I sit to finish my lunch with my other nephew and my brother.


(Lunch menu)

We had yellow lentils, fried potatoes, pointed gourd, potato curry with shrimp, two types of fish, raw mango pickle, papad, sweet, and ice cream.



In the evening, I came back to my aunt's house with my brother.

My sister-in-law and aunt were still there, but I was not feeling well because of the lack of sleep.

After leaving me at home, he went back to the shop, and I refreshed and took a nap.

Then in the late evening, together we sat to chat and finished our evening tea.

Later my aunt and sister-in-law went to the temple to worship Lord Krishna.

Then my brothers came back home from the shop, and my nephew gifted me a denim Kurtis and leggings.


(My nephew gifted me)

Then we had biryani for dinner and then ice cream.
After that, we went to sleep.
That was my Sunday.

Thank you, my friends, for your visit, comment, and support.
Stay blessed, happy, and healthy.


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First of all congratulation to your nephew 's wife . That rose is so beautiful and yes this kind of functions give some good moment as meet lots of family and relatives meet there. Those sarees colors are lovely.

Thank you so much, I will definitely pass your wishes. That rose also belongs to my brother's garden. After a several years I met with many of my relatives.
We became emotional but also enjoyed the baby shower a lot.


Hello mam hope you are doing great first of all the lady in the picture is looking gorgeous and congratulations to her from my side. The collections of sarees are adorable and even your return gift kurti is too cute wish to see you wearing it one day. Stay blessed and have a great day ahead!

Yes, I am absolutely fine and I hope you are also great. She is really beautiful from the outer side and inside too. I will surely pass your message to her. I am glad that you like those sarees. I wish I could give you that saree to wear. There is short story behind that kurti. Two months before I went to his shop and like the kurti but my size was not available at that time, and now when he got my size he gifted me the same. Thank you so much for your wishes. You too stay blessed and happy.


Beautiful Sarees. Beautiful Woman, every women deserves the respect for sustaining so much pain for the future generation.

Thank you so much for stopping by and lovely comment.


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I believe,Mothers are the most courageous and most patient beings ever on this earth.I have seen my mother going through so many hard times but she bever complained.
Anyways ,you bought a good collection of sarees.and when elders get together anywhere ,it is always good to be present there because their conversations are always peaceful and soothing

Yes you believe the right thing, only a mother think about their children selflessly. Entire life sacrifices several things to give her children a better life.
Mother is the most precious gift from God that human being get in their life.
Thank you so much for liking those sarees. I met my another aunt after several years. So I was happy but same time emotional.