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(Akshay tritiya celebration)

Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are fit and fine.
Today I am writing about my yesterday's diary;
so a bit late, but I wish you all a happy Akshay Tritiya.

In our childhood, Akshay Tritiya also carried some memorable moments;
but now everything has changed with time.

In our childhood, we enjoyed different types of sweets and cold drinks during Akshay Tritiya.
But now people love to have pizza and noodles instead of sweets.

Anyway, we all need to be updated with time, and I also adopted a few habits.





(Wish you all a very happy morning)

I never woke up late, even before lockdown;
I left my bed early.

But now I became a late riser because;
I need to do some work for the community and then spend some time surfing mobile.

I know this is not good for health but what to do? when we wake up delinquent, all work schedules are bound to change;
and we need to adjust the time accordingly.




On 3rd April, I woke up early, and then I was sitting on my bed for a long time.

I was mentally not feeling well for some personal reason.

At that time, a few lines came to my mind, and after refreshing myself;
I started writing those lines.


(Morning green tea)

After that, I had my morning green tea and then finished some house errands.

Then, I went to take a shower and finished my puja;
and after finishing my puja(worshipping God).
Then I commented on a few posts, and translated my poem into English then completed my post.

Then we discussed some topics in our Whatsapp group about community.

We all are looking forward to some active users and delegators;
so that we can support a few posts and increase our voting percentage.

Yesterday, I didn't take my lunch because I was busy making a curation report.





(A few more Akshay tritiya celebration photographs)


In the evening, I went to visit the market, and while going to the market; I stopped in front of a shop because they were celebrating Akshay Tritiya.

So, I have taken some photographs.
From there I went to the market and purchased fish, eggs, and some vegetables.


(Fish Shop)

I clicked some photographs of fish, and after that, I went back home.
Then I refreshed myself and started cooking for dinner.

I cooked pointed gourd and potato curry and fish curry for dinner.



(Fish curry)


(Pointed gourd and potato curry)

Then I washed all the utensils and finished my dinner.
That's how I finished my day.

Thank you, friends, for your visit and support. Please do not lose patience and stay connected with the community.

We will reach the top together.

Stay blessed, happy, and healthy.



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Happy akshaya tritiya

Same to you my dear friend. Stay blessed.


With the time people changing their way but it's not good as it just disrespect value of festivals and it's importance. There is also reason that they not know exactly what festival or purpose it. Anyway it's everyone's choice as our country is free to do anything.
We can understand as sometimes busy with work schedule so it may change in daily routine. it's ok to be late sometimes. Your flower photography is nice and happy akshay tritiya 🙏

You are right, with the time people forget our basic culture. Now people love to adapt others.
The way we enjoyed our childhood nad different festival, this young generation will never understand their value.
Anyway, that is called change and we all have to update ourselves to learn modern culture.
Thank you for your appreciation, that flower I captured from my brother's garden.


Happy Akshaya Tritiya You are doing a lot of good in your life. We also get to learn a lot from your post.
You told that we should be updated with the times. This is true but to stay updated in our lifestyle, we have to be careful with our health.
Wrong food can spoil our life.
That's why I would like to tell all of you that you should include only those foods which are beneficial for our health. Junk foods can cause great harm to our body.
Thank you all, we get a chance to share our thoughts with all of you. We are very happy with this life. And we wish you a very nice and happy day too.

I am feeling enthusiastic after reading your comment, thank you so much for your encouraging words.

Belated happy Akshay tritiya. Several times have changed now but that's not mean everything has changed in negative way.

Many things now improved whether it is about technology or medical science.

But what I exactly feel relationship nowadays became very official.

We didn't spend our time with family and friends like we did in our childhood. Now we love to spend our time with gadgets more than our near once.

But nevertheless we all have to accept every changes that will come to our way of life journey.

Thank you for your best wishes. Stay connected.


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Through your post, I am able to see that Akshaya Tritiya is being celebrated with great pomp here. It shows our Indian culture.

You are right still some people value our old culture and the traditional festival.
New generation love to celebrate valentine's day rather than these kind of rituals.