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Hi friends,
I'm a photographer and a graphic designer, have well knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator. Today I am going to give you a tutorial about the usage of the pen tools in photoshop, hope you understand and are interested to read my article.

The pen tool is one of the most important tools in photoshop which is used to create shapes, outlines, drawings, curves, etc. There are 5 types of pen tools in photoshop.

  1. Pen tool
  2. Freeform Pen tool
  3. Add Anchor Point Tool
  4. Delete Anchor Point Tool
  5. Convert Point Tool

Pen tool

Use to put points and create straight lines and shapes

Freeform Pen tool

Use to create curvy and flowing lines for drawing

Add Anchor Point Tool

Use to add anchor point between lines and shapes and also move the point and curve the lines

Delete Anchor Point Tool

Use to remove anchor points in the line or shape

Convert Point Tool

This tool is used to convert the angular point to a curve or curve to a straight line.

Now I am going to teach you how to draw a lotus with a pen tool.


Open a new drawing page with white color background with the size of 16x12 inches and 300 resolution.


### Step2: using pen tool pot two pints to create a line, and again put another point at the begin point.



Using the 2nd pen tool create an anchor point in between the line and pull the line out as shown in the picture, the same way the other line to the opposite side.



Give color by going Menu>Layer >New fIll layer and choosing any color and it will look like a petal of the lotus



Cope the petal by using short cut key zlt+drag and rotate it to 30 degrees clockwise.




Same way make more petals and rotate them 30 degrees and align them symmetrically like a lotus flower


Step 8:

Now you can see the beautiful lotus flower created with the pen tool


Measuring and snaping grids

We can create more shapes with these tools, the ruler and grid lines can be used if some shapes require the right size and equal proportions, here I show you one of the perfect measured shapes, using a pen to just draw a star.


Aligning of grid lines

Insert ruler by going Menu>view>ruler, right-click on the ruler select the metric scale. Here I chose inches and then create a grid line just drag it from the ruler.

Other Shapes

The same way you can create more shapes with the help of a pen tool, ruler, and grid lines.


Hope you understand the tutorial about the usage of pen tools in photoshop and adobe illustrator, please feel free to send your valuable feedback and comments. Thank you.


♣ ♣ All is Well ♣ ♣


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Very useful tutorial for the beginners of photoshop

thank you