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Hello dear steemians, how are you all.I hope you all are fine and enjoying the blessings.Today i am here with another diary and I hope you all get time to read and explore a new day of my life and also find it worth reading and upvoting.

Today i got up a little late because i had been an early bird for a month because of RAMADHAN and now i again has returned to the same routine what i was following a month before.I have reset the alarm to the same old timing but i regret why i couldn't hold onto the same routine what i followed during Ramadhan.Ramadhan ushers in blessings and some of the people get impacted by it and then follow the same simple ,lifestyle.
Today i had to go to office because of some important work.After remaining busy with the official work i got through social media.I saw my friends status who had gone to a famous tourism spot GULMARG a day before.The photo he had posted was so beautiful that it forced me to show it to my steemit friends.
Screenshot_2022-05-06-10-57-07-360_com.whatsapp.jpgMy friend in Gulmarg

As i was on my way to my office i found some nomads on their way towards the upper reaches along with their herds.It is the time of movement of these nomads and cause a lot of nuisance to traffic but are a beautiful part of this valley.
IMG_20220506_124026.jpgnomads on their way
I remained busy with the office work all through the day.After leaving office at 4:15 PM i went to the bus stand where i found my friend,who insisted 😀 to go to a restaurant to have butter chicken there.We enjoyed it but the service was a bit slow but the dish was very tasty.
Later after returning to my place i after having a cup of tea went to my room to study till evening 7:00PM after which i went to the gym.I returned from gym at around 8:45PM and after having dinner i went to sleep.

That was my day ,share your day with us.It feels happy to know about other's life.
Thank you for going through.

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Wonderful diary.

Hope you completed your sleep after a month of Ramadan. Keep posting your diaries thankyou and have a great day ahead!