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Thyme is a well-known plant in the world of natural medicine and since past centuries, it is used by humans due to the benefits it brings to health. Doctors specialized in botany assure that the nutrients of this plant help prevent and treat certain diseases. Similarly, thyme has such a peculiar flavor that, in the culinary art of Mediterranean cuisine, it is used.

Properties of thyme

  • Folic acid and flavonoids: Thyme has great riches of phenolic acids and flavonoids for this reason, it becomes an antioxidant capable of helping to reduce the damage that the free radicals that circulate in our body reach in general. In the same way, these antioxidant powers help to reduce the suffering of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Iron: Thanks to the source of iron that thyme has, the person who consumes it regularly acquires the possibility of guaranteeing the formation of red blood cells and that blood oxygenation circulates correctly.

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  • Vitamin K: One of the highest nutriers that thyme possesses is vitamin K and thanks to this, blood clotting develops correctly.

  • Magnesium: By regularly consuming thyme, our body acquires all the necessary properties for this reason, thanks to this mineral it is possible to level the heart rate. Similarly, the nervous system works correctly.

  • Vitamin C: This property favors the strengthening of our bones, teeth, gums, cartilage and tissues. Because of this, it is recommended to frequently consume thyme.

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  • Helps strengthen the immune system: Thanks to the antioxidant and vitamin C, thyme helps strengthen the immune system. Moreover, it contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties ideal for preventing bacterial and viral diseases. According to studies of natural medicine, this plant helps fight respiratory conditions, coughs, colds and throat discomforts.

  • Contains antioxidant powers: The constant consumption of thyme helps with the proper functioning of the digestive and muscular system. In the same way, it helps prevent diseases of carcinogenic origin and some disease linked to aging.

  • Ideal for beauty care: Due to all the antiseptic properties, this plant helps to eliminate infections of cutaneous origin, herpes or superficial wounds. In case of suffering burns generated by excessive sun exposure, thyme works as a reliever.

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To conclude, the consumption of this plant can be by infusion or as an ingredient in food. If the person wants to drink morillo tea, it is advisable to consume it twice a day for 3 consecutive months; when that time comes, it must be paralyzed for three more months and then continue.

In case you want to use it as an ingredient in food, the ideal is to do it during lunch and a moderate amount. Now, it is important to note that, you can not consume this plant in both modalities because in case of doing so, it can generate health problems due to the excess of properties.

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