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🇮🇳 Namaste India 🇮🇳


Steemit Guidance & Investment Programs Update by @deepak94

Namaste Everyone,

Hello good morning my friends in today's session we have create a new task for steemgrowth. Yesterday at night i just create a presentation for my next seminar in Ghazipur, Uttarpradesh. In night i prepare my presentation report then do some practicing in front of my friend Sonu.

In Today's diary i just explain my yesterday diary and some part of today's diary.

So, let's start my Diary.

Morning 🌄

When I woke up in the morning I saw that it was raining outside. After doing daily routine in the morning, ate breakfast and then completed the office work sitting in the room itself. After a while when the rain stopped, I went out to drink tea and then the light of my brain was lit😅 .


Morning Breakfast - Chole & chapati

Shopping 🛒🛍️

Now i just go to meet my friends and expand some times with gossip and afterall i decide to go for shopping 🛍️ of traditional saree to my lovely Mom.


So we went to South Indian Mall in Hyderabad with my two friends Sonu and Mahendra. I don't have much knowledge of sarees so i take help to my friends to buy clothes . I want south indian special sarees to my mom. So my friends suggest me to buy Pattu saree which is very special in south Region.


But i just see the variety of paatu saree it looks so beautiful but I thinks it's not compatible to my mom bcos my mom wear lightweight sarees In North region no one can wear Pattu sari and i know what kind of fabric my mom wear so i just change my mind and decide to buy that type of fabrics which my mom wear regularly . So I told to the shopkeeper to show south india touch saries but fabric should be north indian style.


Finally shopping completed

Evening at Cafeteria


We left the mall and went to the cafeteria and it was five o'clock in the evening. We placed the order and within 10 minutes our order was on our table. We start eating and enjoy the moment of rainy season too.


Chal beta selfi le le re 😅

seminar Practice at Night


Steemit Guidance & Investment presentation Programs practice Update by @deepak94

I decide to organise a seminar or awareness program in Ghazipur District Uttarpradesh for that i make some slides or presentation report for practicing. Our motive is too make aware many people to Steemit and if our Indian peoples are still their in platform but not active or if someone active and not follows the proper guidelines then search 🔍 that Id and contact with any social media platforms and I've proper guidance.


photography by @deepak94's oppo A5 2020

Recently i try to connect @aaru and his husband Because they were posting for a long time due to not getting proper guidance. But due to start getting support to aaru, his husband also felt that income can be generated through this platform.
That's a way that if we guide properly to any user then they also knows the benefits of steemit and they also try to invite new user's. That's a way our steem growth increases in exponential form. Now in few das ago i take Google meet for some Newcomer's @gulamhusain , @shubhambhagat and @vnyupa26. They also start posting regularly in few days.

So that's all about my today's or yesterday diary . I hope you all like my day routine and learn something new ideas about how to grow steem.

Thank You



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Thanku @deepak94 for motivate me . I will try to join your seminar in Gazipur please mention date.

I decide Gazipur because in Ghazipur District more than 15 + old accounts are their and achievement 1 verified but they don't post regularly. So i decided to make awareness program at 3rd of August.

Thank you @deepak94 for very well guidence to me....I will try my best ...

My only work is to guide Newcomer's Just need to climb a ladder after that you all will do very well.

Wonderful job you're doing @deepak94 Bhai for the growth of the steemit platform and also guiding the newcomers. Tremendous Job brother. Have a blessed day.

Thanks brother . It is the duty of all of us to make every effort for the growth of the platform on which we are working.

Day by day you are increasing your engagement with steemit and newcomers sir. You are more friendly with others.

Thanks @shravana . I reach every single person of our country who make a Id in steemit and not actively participated. Because it's our mistake we can't explain very well about this platform to that person that's why they don't active so much. Now my mission is to reach each and every single account and try to activate that account by our team's support.

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U take very necessary steps for steemgrowth.It will be very helpful for us. @deepak94

Thanks @ parineeta for supporting my work . It is not only mine but it is the responsibility of all of us to make steam better and tell new people about it.

very good work done by you. and I'm also planning for Hyderabad for further education-related work. Thanks for sharing your diary with us.

Thanks alfaz to promote my work . Most welcome.

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