Steemit Engagement Challenge S3:W2 - Write a letter to your five-year-old self, telling him/her what you have learned so far by @benton3

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It is once more time to participate in another steemit engagement contest. Hope, all of you, my friends are doing great.

I will be engaging in the contest of this wonderful community with the topic Write a letter to your five-year-old self, telling him/her what you have learned so far.

This is by far the most humorous contest I have ever seen and also a kind of telling yourself lessons you have learnt from life.

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Dear benton3

It is a great pleasure to write you this moment. How are you doing? How is mommy and daddy? Hope you all are doing great. How is school going? I know you will not relent in doing your home work. They are very essential for your development.

You know as an older self, I am interested in you as a child and would want the best for you. So I want to let you know a little of what life is all about as a grown up.

You see when I was small like you, I always have a vision of what I want to be, had so many dreams, aspiration, and desires . I usually want to do things by myself not wanting someone to tell me no in most situations. Sometimes, I also wished I was a grownup so that I can be independent but daddy and mommy would keep on restricting me, now I know why.

I have learnt a lot as a grown up. First is that most of the instructions and guidance provided for me then was for my own good.

Having grown up, I realized the need to develop wonderful qualities that will make me a better person. Qualities like







I just mentioned few of those qualities, there are many more. You know, when I was this your age, I never appreciated the importance of those qualities, but now I definitely do know why mom and dad keep on hampering on them.

I have also learned the importance of hardwork. You know sometimes dad and mom would ask you to do something and get rewarded for doing so, they are doing this to impress in your mind that you need to work hard to take of yourself and earn the respect of other people. Life in the real world can be stressful. This I have learned. So never fail to carry out the little task they give you to do. It is for your own benefit.

I have also learnt to be more appreciative of others for their acts of kindness whether little or big. You know they don't really Owe you anything. As a small child, people would like to buy toys and sweets for you, but when you grow up, they would not even care whether you have eaten or not. No wonder a recent music lyric says that Adulthood Na scam.

I have also being taught both in the good and hard way the importance of savings when things are going well financially. You know as a child you have the tendency of spending whatever little pocket money given to you on sweets and ice creams. But as an Adult, I have learned that such money could be saved and used for more meaningful things later in the future. Infact during financial difficult times, such saved funds will come in handy to provide things like food and clothing for you.

There are many other things I will still tell you, but I will be doing so little by little through other incoming letters.

However, promise me that till I come, you will still be the best child to mom and dad, be obedient and respectful. You know what, I will get that your lovely chocolate brand of your choice.

I love you dearie.

Love from


I invite @fortwis02, @eliany, @ngoenyi to join in this contest.

Thank you @steemindia for this great contest.

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Wonderful letter! Your 5 year old self will never get into trouble or even have any problem because you have just explained everything that he need to know especially the qualities that he need to cultivate. I will try and take part. Thanks for the invite. I wish you success

Thank you for going through my post. I believe he would have learnt a lot from my letter.


Wow! Your 5 year old would have been full of wisdom and understanding if he had been completely obedient to both mum, dad and your older siblings, but it's never too bad, things can still change for better. Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow !!!
Amazing letter to your 5 year old self.

Your five year old self is so lucky to have you dish out these life lessons at this time, i am sure he will not take them for granted.

Yeah, life has been a wonderful tutor to me. I wish I can use these experiences to help young ones who are willing to listen.

Wow, great lessons learned as grown up. Hard work indeed pays.

I have also learnt to be more appreciative of others for their acts of kindness whether little or big. You know they don't really Owe you anything.

Exactly! some of us behave as of our uncles or Aunty or other family members owe us. To the extent that they think each time they have a problem they should appear for rescue.
Good luck for your entry.

Thank you for taking time out to review my post. Most at times, we are taught better by personal experience.

I wish I can start turn back the hands of time.

Unfortunately we can not turn the hand of time. But I believe that you have a great role to do that in your children’s life.

You are very correct. That I am doing right now.


be obedient and respectful

This is all we want from our children, nothing more and nothing less.
I'm sure that if this little @benton3 grows up he is going to be the perfect adult!
Keep on writing!

Hahaha, that five year old benton3 must be happy to receive such a nice letter. If he applies all your advice, he will surely be the best child to his parents, also he will be more successful in managing funds in the future.
I liked reading through Your entry...I hope you win a spot in the contest.... Success!

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