Time Flies — Wow, it Has Been a While!

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Greetings fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Pardon the temporary absence! I didn't realize that it had been as long as it had...


The Hoomans have been very busy with their "work" stuff, and you know how it is: I need help with my blog posts, because I still haven't figured out the whole "using a keyboard" thing.

But here I am again... crypto market chaos and turbulence, notwithstanding!


In truth, not a lot has happened around here.

Smudge and I are still just "cats being cats," and the Hoomans have had no major events in their lives. At least spring has gotten a little warmer, but it's still not anything to be impressed with.

Looks like we are still a ways from my being able to go outside with the Hoomans. I don't get to go out on my own, because we have too many dangerous predators around here.


Meanwhile, Smudge just enjoys her simple life as an "Old Lady Kitty!"

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Till the next time, this is Curator Cat, signing off!


X-116/413 2022-05-11

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Hey hey
hi from your mate(s) from NZ

Took this one yesterday of Catface