Vlog 455: The STEEM squeeze.

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From the beginning of the year, the STEEM price has gone up nicely.

I don't think this is STEEM specific yet, we are still #78 on the CMC, which means other tokens have increased around us too. So, it's just the markets in general.

But who cares? We are into STEEM and a higher STEEM price helps us a lot and that's what I care about the most.

Higher STEEM price does several things.

First of all the payouts displayed for posts are correct again. (A $20 payout now really means $10 for the author and $10 for curators and not less.).

The SBD is printed again. Which means less STEEM coming onto the market. (Unless the earners convert it, which I don't expect many will do).

A higher STEEM price means more money for development. And that's extremely important.

But a higher STEEM price also ramps up competition. And I call it the STEEM squeeze.

The rule is pretty simple, the higher the STEEM price the more effort you will have to do to earn STEEM.

This goes for content creators as well as witnesses and the higher the price goes, the more you will feel it.

I talk about it more from 4:40.


My dad is fine btw! All clear (forgot to mention that).

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Hope Bianca's okay. Send her our love. Glad you enjoyed the time off.

She's doing very well, thank you! It's been good taking some time off.

I understand what your saying about more people posting as the price goes higher. I try to make three good posts a day, combining writing about finance with posts about traveling. I have been writing a lot during the bear market for exactly the reason you mention “ less competition” .

Although I am happy that the Steem price has begun to rise, I know it also means I need to keep improving the quality of my posts to stay worthy of the votes I get and keep my following.

Take care and I am glad your dad is okay.

Thanks, I am happy he is ok too.

You did well in continually creating content during the bear market. It's the best time to earn the most STEEM, especially near the bottom when sentiment is lowest.

The 30k you have should do you well when markets reverse properly. Well done! Let's hope 2020 will bring us both some good things.

He returns and I see the mark of the beast lol!

Screenshot 20200211 at 13.51.16.png

I think that the BTC rally has given a lot of projects more breathing space and I'm amazed at some of the projects still going it clearly shows who was adaptable. I don't mind a high or low price, doesn't change my behaviour, will keep stacking. I need a favourable position to leverage steem for future efforts!

Glad to have you back.
Glad to know your pop is fine as well.
Can't wait to read you more about #steem moving in a positive way in 2020

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Thanks, man! Believe me, it made me happy too.

So far 2020 has been kind to STEEM and crypto in general! Let's see how it goes from here.

Every other token is on the rise, higher rise than the current speed of steem. YOu might be right, more efforts will be needed by those who are making a 'killing' on their posts but also it might as well mean a great harvest for curators who are out there curating many a posts. I should be inviting some to support me with a message like 'Hey, steem prices are up, do you need more returns? Curate me then'

Welcome back @exyle. We miss your post. Where have you been? How is work and family doing sir?

Greetings from Nigeria ♨️

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Good To See you So Positive after a Break Mark @exyle and Thank You for the PEP Talk about how you Feel about the Current platform and all of the Things that are Happening.............

who are you? lol. Good to see ya :)

Haha! Thanks, man.

IVE MISSED YOU!!! LoL. Steem wasn't the same without seeing your posts regularly, glad all is well on the IRL front.

Thank you.

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Ah yes, the squeeze is real!! Nice to see you back man!

It's a good squeeze though :) and thanks!

So glad everything is fine with your dad!

Thanks, man!

Good to see you again. I have grown fond of your vlogs over time. It has been so quit around here recently that my feed was getting more boring by the day. Nice to see the recent uptrend and more content creators coming back.

Thank you. I will still vlog from time to time and I have an interview with @andrarchy planned for next week.

Awesome to hear that your dad is doing well. I hadn't seen anything from you in a while and it is good to know that every one is safe and sound. I was a little shocked the other day when I started to see some SBD come back into my account again. It has been so long that I have kind of gotten used to just earning my STEEM and powering it up.

Thanks, man! I needed the break. The fact that the SBD is printed again is a good sign for STEEM.


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Steem has a design flaw/feature that it gains momentum fast in either direction.

Once it starts going up , SBD prints and less steem on market , more people powering up since rev by curation can be quite nice , new content creators coming in.

Once it starts going down , STINC needs to sell even more to fund the operations , people don't earn anything from posts so they up and leave...

quite interesting

Steemit Inc. has done a lot to reduce costs and managed to survive so far with some cool new features coming soon (SMT's and communities). The haze of infinite money is gone and economically it feels a lot more realistic under the new leadership.

When markets pickup I'm sure they will build a buffer and also this time around they also have an extra revenue stream in place (ads). When traffic picks up this should generate some extra nice funds for them.

Hey Mark

Good to see you back and I'm glad you got a break in - sounds like you've caught up on some real life action.

It's funny, an experienced Steemian would know without looking that the price is up by the new account comments and the return of older accounts to content production - it's good to see overall I guess.

How about the wind this past week, powerful and icy!

Everything is stable again IRL, which is what I prefer.

And it's good to see the activity picking up indeed! Everyone that stayed has hopefully benefited from the bear and build a nice SP buffer while the opportunity was there.

Man am I happy to see a post from you.

I used the lower price to get to 100,000 Steem in my main account and 35,000 in my secondary one!

Glad to see the upswing and I’m sill excited about the future.

We need you here!!!! Keep posting once in a while!

Wow! You have made some nice buys! Congrats. And I am happy to see some crypto market relief for once. I'll keep posting!

Family is the most important thing... Nice to see you back

100%! and thanks.

nice to see you after a long time :)

Fantastic to see you back!!

Glad to see you're back! Still, taking breaks is important and I think you did the right call. Make sure you keep up some kind of balance, so you don't have to take hard-breaks.

I needed the break. I've been going at it pretty full-on for years. I'm going to take your advice.

Glad to hear that your family is doing well. Good for you for having taken a much deserved break. Although I have been feeling the positive change myself, videos like this really strengthen my believe.

Thanks for sharing this message with us.



P.S. I am close to needing a break myself and my upcoming visit to The Netherlands might make this a little easier. Let's see if I can do it in these ( more ) exciting times ;>)

which guy you follow with your votes? :)

I think this is great!
by the way, a long time ago I made a contest of personalized digital portraits, and in one of the modalities that I present, you were selected, so far I did not know how to let you and the other person who won the contest know, so I am writing for this medium.

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Your posts are always informative and entertaining, keep going.

Welcome back @exyle after quite a long break. Hope you recharged your battery and you won't disappear again for that long :)

Glad to see you Mark! I hope Bianca is recovering well from her surgery. It's great your dad's results were all clear. It's nice you're able to take some time to regroup and to enjoy the finer things in life. It's always nice to gain a fresh perspective and to adjust your daily routine to make sure you're nurturing yourself well. Go STEEM!! ☀️❄😊

I guess I underestimated the power of a break. Go STEEM indeed! And thanks!

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