Vlog 456: Tron and Steemit inc. - my take.

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All that happened so far is that Steemit Inc. has a new owner.

Steemit Inc. is not the Steem Blockchain.

Justin Sun obviously saw the value to acquire the company and besides that, I also felt that Ned Scott was done with the company for a while.

Justin Sun bought Steemit inc, all their STEEM tokens, and steemit.com/logo and all that.

I am not 100% sure if the rest of the team was aware of the move. I remember listening to a witness chat with @aggroed not too long ago and hear, the team that we know, passionately speak about communities and SMT's.

I'm not sure if you buy a company you buy the employees as well, but it's unlikely.

Some new blood is not always a bad thing. Also, the funds that TRON can bring can help a lot.

People don't acquire companies to run them into the ground.

I think the press announcement made by TRON was a bit premature. Not everything that's in there makes a lot of sense or is at the least unclear (token swap, integrating the apps....that sort of stuff).

I am hoping to learn a lot more on the AMA tonight.

Steem biggest asset is the community.

There are lots of questions and speculations and it would be nice to get rid of those.

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If you buy the share capital of a company, you have the company assets and workforce. The workforce still work for the company until either party end their employment. I imagine the Steemit inc team have already had comms from Justin and you would hope they been reassured of their continued employment and perhaps buoyed by a promise of addition development help to accomplish goals faster and start new projects. Let’s see - early days in the communications- today is a BIG day in the Steem lifecycle!

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I nice level headed response. Thanks for the info.

this is really an awesome info..thanks for letting it out...

go STEEM-ON :)

There are lots of questions and speculations and it would be nice to get rid of those.

Amen to that!

I was waiting to hear your laid back voice of reason. Good to know you're still keeping us up to date. 😊

I decided to wait a little bit with any comments about this.

I'm not a big fan of knee jerk reaction without having some facts at least.

Tonight we will learn a lot I'm assuming.

Yep. I always value your non knee jerk approach.

Will look forward to your thoughts after the calls tonight.

Have a fun Saturday! 😊

I agree. Its always good to have exyle to calm the nerves! As usual I have no idea whats going on but I was already beginning to feel a deep sense of apocolyptic devastation before I watched this! haha

I was already beginning to feel a deep sense of apocolyptic devastation

Ha, ha, ha. I would expect nothing less from you @basilmarples. Keep up the good work! 😂

It's certainly a wake up call.

I've integrated Steem into my life the past few years, and despite the lows it's become a pretty regular feature of my daily/ weekly routine, comfortable and progressive in many ways.

I think that's the feeling of many people who've stuck around, and I can only imagine this is felt even more strongly by larger accounts and witnesses who probably rely on Steem for a good chunk of their income.

And all of a sudden there's this uncertainty thrown at us, no one likes change out of the blue or a reminder that for all the talk of decentralization someone who controls 30 odd million Steem has a significant amount of power.

I just hope Justin Sun is

  1. Rational
  2. Reasonable

It'll be interesting to hear him speak, I know nothing about the man TBH.

In the meantime I need to not be here, this uncertainty has made me want to just go bury my head in the real world!

I'm currently listening to this to learn more about him:

....out of nowhere

Thats the reason people goes crazy

If Steemit Inc. team will do "transition" to Tron, we have a year or two more time... lol

@exyle that is a wonderful opinion you have there......as for me the only issue i have with the news of the deal is that right now there is no full information from the new team which will educate us about what steemians should expect and how they make sure there are no issues..

The steem blockchain will be integrated with tron. How soon that would happen is the question. If i was Sun at this point i will engender the confidence of the steem community before any integration happens. In other words fattening the cow before taking it to the slaughter. Sun is capitalist and i do no believe he bought steemit so that he could run a charity organisation. His major project is tron and everything he has acquired will revolve around it. I don't know if that aligns with the goal of steem. I also notice that major stakeholders and witnesses are on the fence regarding this acquisition not to destroy potential new relationship with Sun and his team. In other words self-preservation. I dont have that much stake to lose so there is little to worry about on my part. If it all balls down to capitalising on new opportunities i am 100% down with that. What worries me is that the beautiful thing weve built and work for called steem will be torn apart.

Maybe Justin will Play Steemmonsters with Us and back some High dollar Tournaments................. @exyle

Wouldn't that be something!

Thanks for your well defined facts in the simplicity of words. Decentralization is when a community prevails. Steem is where the community has a voice and it's a great characteristic to reckon with anytime.

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i think shaking things up will be good hopefully it pays off

Thank you for being calm about all this. I needed that!

You are welcome!

People don’t acquire companies to run them into the ground Amen, my point exactly. Ned Scott was a dead end, that is for sure, this can be a very good deal for all of us, if we can assure that the community of Steem is valued as it should!

Where can we catch the witness chat, would be interested to hear their thoughts after the ama is finished.

Aha... well what is steem without steemit? I invested in steem because of steemit. Oh some games.. ok so steem is running for that and not the base steemit? Now we get tron (a gamble coin) in our wallet? What about the price of steem? Or is this a bit short around the corner 😉

No real idea what's happening so thanks for the quick catch-up!

You are welcome!

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Lets see what happens, will be on the AMA :)

That lousy AMA was sadly just the first step of herding sheep into their corral.