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If you have enough Steempower (Resource Credits) you can claim account tokens.

The holder of account tokens can create free Steem accounts.

This is one of the perks of holding large amounts of Steem Power (either bought or leased!)

The equivalent value of an Account Token is currently 3 STEEM.

Claiming Account Tokens drain your Resource Credits and once you reach 0% you have to wait until they recharge before you can claim more.

I want to use my account tokens when communities on are up and running.

Screenshot 2019-12-20 at 12.03.38.png

The easiest way to quickly claim an account token is through

With a click of a button and keychain, it's done very quickly.

Screenshot 2019-12-20 at 12.05.30.png

In this video, I'll show you how the claiming is done.

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love this service

Or just use an interface to claim... AND... use the tokens.


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Man, I had no idea that was built in! That is fantastic!

From what I know the create an account using tokens feature has to be one of the nicest ones around. At least I love using it and i love saving the text files for the new accounts.

Ever since you mentioned this I have been trying to claim some tokens every chance I remember. It usually drains about 50% of my RC credits to claim one. I think you had said before I could claim one roughly every three days. Thanks for this great info. I hope that one day I can find some people who are interested enough in STEEM to give these to.

Nice! Glad you found it useful.

At the moment considering there is no other use (yet) for a lot of RC's besides claiming accounts, you might as well do it.

When the interest in Steem starts to rise again, I expect an account to become way more wanted.

I definitely hope that is the case!

This was great man, not sure how I missed it. Been looking for this info for a while now. And huge shout to @jarvie for the feature to claim via Steempeak. Brilliant stuff.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hey, man! Glad you found it useful. Hopefully, this will come in handy for your CTP community!

yeah man...gonna start stacking them going forward. always getting new people asking me to get signed up. this is perfect.

I never had read about claiming tokens this way to create free accounts though I had seen people announce that they would create accounts for people deserving and had always thought it to be like a very technical thing :)

It's not so technical. You just have to know about it and have enough steempower.

I've been claiming accounts for a while and now have 80 of them. Hope there will be a use for them soon!

Really my old friend?
How are you doing and your family?
Good to see you again

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I'm sure this is helpful to someone but does it really need $72 in rewards (after I see it was already downvoted, so it likely was previously even higher)?

In my view, no.

Account credits are a feature that is intended for the largest stakeholders and app developers to on board users. (I believe you need around 10000 SP* to claim even a single account credit.) Most if not all of these people can find the information about how to do it or already know how.

Whoever is upvoting this stuff, please exercise more care. Rewards are not "free". Every single reward paid out represents additional supply overhang onto the Steem market (even if not sold immediately). If it corresponds with significant added value, great, it can help absorb the extra supply. Often it does not.

This is not a money spigot.


* EDIT: Apparently it can sometimes, or even usually, be done with somewhat less than 10K SP. Which of course does not change the main point I was making.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

"Around 10k" is not really accurate... maybe on the worst day.
Unless +-40% accuracy is considered "around" haha

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I looked here and it says 10656 GRCs, which would be generated by 10K SP over 5 days right?

I'm sure it does vary though, as indicated by the chart there (10k looks close to a rough average)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

at 11.5k I used up about 50% today... and that's a pretty typical rate... doesn't vary a ton (not like a 40-50% variance) and often the variance goes the other direction.

The barrier to entrey... aka barrier to trigger an action is what someone would want to know.

EDIT: I Took a look at beempy and not sure how to read that because I have months of dozens of real life evidence that says it's no where near 10k.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Strange, maybe the site has a bug. I'll make an edit to the above, although it doesn't change the main point I was making.

I have about 8k SP and claimed an account, took my RC down to about 35% so seems you can probably claim an account just by being a dolphin at 5-6kSP? But it will take longer to recharge, probably 5 days!

Where can I sell my claimed account tokens?

You can't (yet). Account tokens are not tradable.

I know 3speak made a system where you can trade their INV (invite) token for accounts using their account tokens. I expect more of those tools to come about in the future.

The steem price is doing great by all metrics:
Rank 76 after touching rank 90.
Up in dollar value while the rest of the market is tanking/ stabilizing.
Up compared to bitcoin for a long while now.
Bitshares which was way above us on coinmarketcap is now below us.
Smart money accumulating. (@freedom)

Thanks for explaning. I think it's really important for all community leaders to claim as much tokens as they can. But what if steemworld will go down ? Will we be able to create account anyway. Or we will have to use an other option like ?

If Steemworld would go down you will obviously have to use other options. being one of them. There will always be options. It's my experience on Steem that voids are always filled.

Im using our nice platforme since 2 years now and the value of my account still weak. Need some supports from you guys i trust on you . Check some of my work and have a look

Very helpful video, thanks for share!

First I hear of this, thanks a lot for sharing I will be sure to give that a try


Is this just me?

It's working for me.

Is it working ok for you now?

yes yes its working now!
nice post! thank you

Como faço isso?

Quando você não tem 5000+ Steem Power é não possivel. Talvez você pode alugar Steempower da se você quer criar account tokens.


Will there be a market for these at some point do you think or are these mostly for creating and supplying a community?

I know 3speak made a system where you can trade their INV (invite) token for accounts using their account tokens. I expect more of those tools to come about in the future.

For those that don't have enough Steem Power you can always just buy some invite tokens off of Steem-Engine as well.

That's a good tip. I have made accounts using the INV token and it works great.

you think they are gonna be tradable at some point? Is that even possible?

I am claiming them off and on for a while but I will probably not need them for myself.

Invite tokens are for sale on Steem-Engine and to my knowledge they're essentially the same thing.

I know 3speak made a system where you can trade their INV (invite) token for accounts using their account tokens. I expect more of those tools to come about in the future.

Very informative

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I recall seeing you say in the past that there is an automated way to claim accounts the second you have enough RCs? Is this still a thing?

I can only claim one every few days. Got 33 so far. Don't know if they'll be tradeable but as it costs nothing to get them, I might as well do it. Will be great if friends and family want them but they all think I'm crazy at the moment, like they did in the 90's when I was using that pointless thing called the internet :)

Good comment, I think these days the Internet is a tool for survival.

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Thanks, I figured this out a few weeks back when I passed 8000 SP I think, I've been trying to remember to harvest my accounts whenever I can!

Yeah, it's something you do have to remember!

Awesome. I had no idea about this. Thanks.

Actually it's also easy to do on SteemPeak. I've claimed a few accounts that way. It tells you the same info

Thanks for sharing this with us. Knowledge found

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Good info mate