Steem VS HIVE Price Speculation. Friendly Contest, Free UPVOTES

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What do you think is going to happen to the price of Steem and HIVE over the next 13 weeks? As of 10 am this morning many of us are now proud owners of both tokens. I have been formulating an optimal strategy to maximize gains while minimizing losses- cause that's what it's all about! Nothing beats free money and we can all make the most of it. The coins will often move in opposite directions and I will share my opinion about which one is going to do better, WARNING YOU MAY NOT LIKE THIS. Please don't follow my opinion or take this as advice I am not responsible for any losses you may incur.

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The price of Steem was higher than what was normal due to a large number of people wanting the airdrop of HIVE, so I sold some on Huobi, my new favorite exchange since ditching Binance for their evil deeds (referral link) and got some bitcoin for around 5000 sats per Steem. Not bad as the price nearly 2.5X'd in a couple of days! Too bad it wasn't very much Steem because my opinion is that both of these tokens combined are likely to be less than 5000 sats for the majority of the time over the next 13 weeks.

An Optimal Strategy

The optimal strategy differs wildly depending on which coin you wish to stack. Since I am not profit-focused and am just here for the tech 😸 I want to go with the new community, HIVE. This would mean I am going to slowly sell Steem over the next 13 weeks and buy HIVE. PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY STRATEGY, you can and will lose all your Steem!


My plan is to watch the ebbs and flows of power-ups and downs while watching as new exchanges come back online. Posters will choose sides, some will blog on both blockchains while most will slowly migrate from one platform to the other. If you are well known on one, you will not be liked on the other long. This strategy is for people with over 1000 SP/HP, with less than that you are likely flying under the radar.

Since Hive has some 70 million fewer tokens than Steem it should have more value right? Wrong. That really has nothing to do with it, what matters is the supply and demand. There are established people on Steem who don't want to move over to HIVE and will take months to budge if ever. They won't even bother with their HIVE tokens for a while or may dump them just for more Steem, these actions are hard to predict. Initially, HIVE will do alright as people dump Steem for HIVE, but not everyone will and HIVE will eventually drop significantly lower than Steem. There will be selling pressure on both chains as people take advantage of each, make posts and dump tokens for bitcoin and other currencies. The demand for HIVE is dependant on development while the creators say there will be more developers on HIVE, they are up against a Justin Sun with total control! Who knows what he is capable of with his Tron Army.

Long Term

In the long-run HIVE will do alright as long as the witnesses and developers continue to perform. My opinion is that HIVE vs Steem will be U shaped with HIVE doing okay short-term, poorly mid-term and in the long-run, it should be fine as long as the developers don't give up. I intend to take full advantage of Steem to BTC to ETH to whatever then HIVE arbitrage while posting more frequently on LEO.

Share your plan with us and I will re-HIVE, re-Steem and upvote your posts. Tomorrow I should have 23000 HIVE/STEEM returned to me and promise to share the wealth.

I Encourage Everyone Who Can Afford it to Speculate on the Price of Steem VS HIVE

As the title says, this is not financial advice and is strictly a speculative opinion of mine. Don't listen to my opinion, if you lose money, Steem, HIVE or whatever it's your own fault, deal with it!

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They might change the power down time.

Good point, that adds to the fun of speculating

Any word on when hive will be on an exchange? And did any steem engine tokens make the transition? Inquiring minds want to know!

It's already on some iconomy and my guess is others are watching. Unfortunately, people who didn't get airdropped can only beg for delegations at this point. Id would be great to see it on Huobi, Bittrex or Binance.