My diarygame season 3 on how I spent my day 1st January 2022 by @ziongater #club75

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Beautiful morning great minds, it's another day again to talk on how i spend my day.



The first thing i did was the stew that will be used in the house. Then I started my garden work, first i dig the yem that is in my garden and had a little rest later i started putting the bananas plant in the garden in order and watering the plants, it was really stressful but i try and finish it up.



Then I went to the town to pay for my brother ticket to Lagos which i bought a pair of sandal, after then I went back home later on my son was down i had to run down to the town again to get some drugs which i did, coming back it was late.




I was having my new year program later in the day i have to be fast about it so I won't be late though I was a bit late for the program it's was a teaching on the very life of God, (Zoe) wow The program was indeed impactful.





coming back home it's was already night 7:38pm and I was seriously hugery so i have to get some food from the kitchen prepared by my niece, after eating i fell asleep with the plate right before me.


My day was so rich because I used my time wisely, having fun in my garden work i really enjoyed the moment in the program we had because it was one of my favorite singer that came she used to be my class mates while in school, my fcs service leader, ministering with the presence of God in atmosphere, it was really a time for refreshment, thank God I didn't missed the program.

Thanks for your time

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Best Regards

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

It must a very hectic work digging the ground in this dry season. You had well spent day. Thanks for sharing your day's activities . Happy new year @ziongater

Thanks, and same to you dear

You are Warmly welcome sir

I remembered those days when we used to do this kind work of covering our yam. You really hard a hectic day

Thanks for reading through my write up.

It is interesting reading your post from garden work, to market then Church program, I sighted Pastor Japther

Thanks for visiting my blog.