My diarygame season 3 on how I spent my day 10th January 2022, by @ziongater #club75, all 4one post

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Good morning lovely friends, so delighted to write on how my day went, a friendly weather this morning.


Waking up very early because my dad called my attention to prepare tea for him so he can keep his body warm due to the cool weather, after giving him I immediately went for my personal devotion before the whole family will be ready, by 6:17am the family was ready for the morning devotion, after the devotion I started preparing for the day's activities, taking my shower and having my breakfast.




By 9am ready for the day, first i went to greet a family that lose there son, who was poison through Pam wine, a very young man, but he is married having three children, it was really a painful moment for the family and the entire community, coming back home it's was around 10:55am then i travel to masaka to bought some drugs for my daddy which took much time, because i came back very late, the journey was a bit far and it's close to Abuja, by 3:00 i return home, and had a little rest then it was evening.



I water my geden and I went for a meeting with some friends, which we took time to pray, rushing back home so i can put some things together, my goat came around while i was eating bread so we had a little play with the goat, before i know it was already late, couldn't go anywhere again because i was tired, i just took my barth and had my rest for the day.




My day was so stressful because i was on journey all through the day, anyway it was beautiful.

Thanks for your time

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Warm Regards

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Nice write up

Hello @ziongater,
Thanks for posting in Steemalive community.I am glad you are helping your dad with errands,it's really a way to attract blessings from God.

I feel for the family of the person that was poisoned via palmwine,it's saddening.May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Your goat is growing well.Keep it up with agriculture.Agriculture is important in the present Nigeria.


Thank you for reading through my blog.