The diary game : The Never Ending Season 3 Monday 31-08-21

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Hello guys it's been a while I updated my diary the steemit crypto academy is taking most of my time that I hardly have time for my self at times. But now we are on a two weeks break so I decided to update the diary

My Diary

Dear Diary

I woke up around 6:00am this morning the weather was cold because it rained overnight after getting up from the bed I went to the mosque to observe my sulat(morning prayer). After the prayer I cam back to my hostel to start preparing for school as it's a Monday morning.

I have 3 different lectures to attend today the first was scheduled for 8-10am the another one from 12-2pm followed by the last one 2-4pm. As you can see it's a busy day for me. So I started preparing for it. I cooked rice in the morning before going to the campus.

I got to the class around 7:30 and the lecture hall was already full I was opportuned to get a sit at the center or the class. After two hours of the class I went outside with some of my friends we gisted for about an hour the went for the second lecture.


the picture I took with my friend

After 4hours of hot lectures I went to the school park and there were so many student wanting to go home but the cab is not enough so we have to struggle for bus. It's not new thing to us because we do it every day. After about 30min of struggling for bus I was lucky to enter a bus I left my friends at the park because he couldn't enter the bus.

After 30mins ride I got to my hostel and I freshen up immediately and bump into my bed I slept for hours then I woke up around 9pm I prepared noodles for dinner then I revised what I was thought before going to bed finally.


That's how I spent my Monday it was a very stressful one for me. Thanks for going through my diary.


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