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Yesterday was indeed one of my best days so far in 2021. The day i graduated from the university after 7 (SEVEN) years!!!!😳
Yes!!!!! Seven years of toiling and academic trauma.... well, yesterday I convocated and also received my first big vote on SteemIt.💃it was a really good day for me. Well... let me not jump into the end.... let me start from the beginning.


I woke up around 8am (Nigerian time) because of course, I slept late because I was sewing. Now I plugged my phone last night with sleepy eyes I forgot to turn on the switch, so because of that little mistake, my phone did not charge and my phone was already almost off. And along the line it went off. So I plugged it at a charging center before entering school and then I asked my roommate to bring it for me while coming to school.

So I went to school, since my university , Michael Okpara university of Agriculture Umudike convocated yesterday. what3words. Before we could March in and other stuffs it was already noon.


Around few minutes past 1 pm (Nigerian time) the convocation started properly. They did the opening remarks and congratulated us (all graduates). I couldn’t take pictures because I wasn’t with my phone, (remember I said I plugged it somewhere). So the event kept rolling out till around 2pm when they were officially through with the official stuffs.

We all went to our different stands where we treated our guests. Me I didn’t have a stand because I didn’t invite anyone. But I celebrated with my girlfriend at her stand... My roommate came with my phone we took some pictures and I also made some Titok videos.







After pictures and videos we had some food and had great time .. then I it was around 4pm, then we left to the studio


In the evening , after i have fed and taken pictures with my phone ,I headed straight to the studio , where I took few pictures that I can enlarge so that I can keep the memory fresh.
The photo studio session took me a while because I wasn’t the only one that went to take a studio picture, there were students already there before I arrived. I had to wait almost 2 hours for my turn. I was still at the studio when I received a congratulatory message from @ladyofpolicy on my first big vote on SteemIt ever!!!! The message got me all happy ehhhh, I didn’t even mind the hours I have spent waiting for my turn again self. I was just dancing and was all cheerful. Finally it got to my turn and I took some pictures, I had to beg the photographer to edit two pictures at least so that I can post it to my SteemIt family which he did, and sent it to me later in the night


After the session, I went hone, I was already tired and weak from all the shouting and dancing I did in school. I quickly took my bath because I became uncomfortable with my make up, after that I popped a bottle of wine and celebrated myself for a well spent 7years


.....yes!!!!! I drank it all by myself .... then I slept on the floor there.... till I woke up this morning with severe headache 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


I had fun yesterday, it was really a thing of joy and indeed a double joy for me, because I also received my first highest vote ever on SteemIt same yesterday. That’s why I said it’s a double joy for me. 5years became 7 years and it finally came to an end yesterday. I am so grateful to God.

Thanks for reading.
Remember I am Proudly a member of #club5050

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Wow! Congratulations @tripplem .

Thank you Ma

Congrats sis
You deserve even more

Thank you sis

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Congratulation my fashionista, God will open more opportunities for you


Congratulations sis

Congratulations sweetheart! More celebration.

Thanks dear