Diary game// I did promotional activities amongst others on 6/12/2021 by @tripplem. 10% goes to @steemalive

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10% GOES TO @steemalive


I woke up around 8am (Nigerian time) yesterday, I said my prayers, did some chores, then I remembered that I have not had breakfast.
I started think of what to cook as I am officially tired of eating rice, beans, or soup.... I was still in that state of confusion when I received a call from one of my clients, she said i should come online so that we can bargain about a dress she wants to make. We had the conversation and I decided to reply some of my WhatsApp message since I haven’t been able to do so because of work.

After WhatsApp, I navigated to Facebook, then to Instagram, then telegram then Twitter, I finally did tiktok videos too🤦🏻‍♀️

Before I realized, it was afternoon already, and I didn’t cook nor eat breakfast again because of social media 🤣


I realized it was afternoon when it was already few Minutes past 2:30pm, and that’s even because I set an alarm for it. I set the alarm because I wanted to do some promotional activities before going to church for evening service. So when the alarm rang, I quickly took my bath and set out for promotional activities/ church service/all night rehearsal )for evening

Promotional activities whether done in group or by a single person is one of the surest ways to blow the whistle of SteemIt and lift the SteemIt banner higher. So I did mine along the way as I was going to church. I didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures with my prospects since I did it alone... but I managed to take a few.




I was able to speak to 10 people before I got to church.... but like I said, I took only few pictures.
6 people indicated interest as their registration is ongoing.


I spent my evening in church, and even my night because we did all night rehearsal. My unit (theatre unit) we are preparing for our Christmas carol and we are going to perform in the event, so we had all night rehearsals. So yeah I spent my evening and night in church .

That was how I spent my yesterday, but the highlight of my day was the promotional activity that I did and the result it generated.

Thanks for reading.

Heeeeeeehhhhh wait ohhhhhhhh
Did you know that I did not end up eating anything throughout yesterday!!!!, and I am just realizing it😳😳 ....

It’s alright.... thanks for reading once again

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