SteemAlive Presents: ReadNwrite - A 7 day writing Challenge. Contest Prize: 20 Steem (+booming, trail)

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After an amazing writing challenge month of June, we are excited to resume our normal weekly contests which we usually host on Mondays. We want to start by thanking all you friends that supported our contest for last week. We are currently checking the entries and will release the results today. Our contest for this week is called ReadNwrite and we are sure you would like to participate. Lets get into the details.


This Week's Contest: ReadNwrite

ReadNwrite is a creative writing contest where you are expected to write on different subjects. We will provide a total of 7 topics and you are to choose and write on at least 5 of them.

What you need to do

Here are the 7 topics for this writing challenge. Please choose at least 5 and write on them.

  • Topic 1: LifeStyle Choices - 4 Services that I use regularly

What you need to do: Choose 4 out of the following services below and write about them

  • Bank
  • Telecoms Network
  • TV station
  • Radio Station
  • Pharmacy

Your Information should include: When did you start using this service, What is special about them, What area should they improve? Be detailed and include other information you want us to know.

tags to include: lifestyle, steemexclusive


  • Topic 2: Local business Review: Write in detail about a business in your city

What you need to do: We want you to review a local business in your city. Tell us their address (What3words coordinates needed). Review at least 4 product they sell. Details should include the price, and some features of the products. Rate the business using any 4 criteria like Location, Customer care, Pricing, Environment, etc. Click here to see a sample.

tags to include: business, steemexclusive


  • Topic 3: Improve your health by reducing or eliminating Stress!

What you need to do: Do research about stress. What is Stress, what situations or conditions cause stress? Mention some symptoms of stress. Suggest some ways to reduce stress. What was the most stressful period of your life and how did you overcome it? Be detailed!

tags to include: health, steemexclusive


  • Topic 4: Here are 5 meals that I enjoyed within the week

What you need to do: Show us at least 5 meals that you enjoyed recently. Who prepared the meals? What are the ingredients? What is the estimated value of the meal in Naira and Steem? Is this your breakfast, lunch or dinner? Be detailed.

tags to include: food, steemexclusive


  • Topic 5: How to do anything (for example weave hair)

What you need to do: Write a detailed tutorial on how to do something - a skill. Show the steps, the materials and the final result. Be detailed.

tags to include:learnwithsteem, steemexclusive


  • Topic 6: My Town in 10 Pictures

What you need to do: Capture a total of 10 pictures of different shops, businesses, markets, houses or other locations in your city. Clear original images are needed. Include location corrdinates.

tags to include:mytownin10pics, steemexclusive


  • Topic 7: Steem Promotion - How i recruited and Mentored a Newbie

What you need to do: You need to recruit and mentor at least one newbie to write on this topic. How did you promote steem to the newbie? What was their initial reaction? How did you convince them. How many posts have they written? What are your promotion methods and challenges? Include a selfie of you and your recruit.

tags to include:steemgrowth, steemexclusive


The rules

  1. You must be at least in club5050.
  2. Drop the link of each entry on this post. That is how to submit your entries
  3. Subscribed to our community.
  4. One of your entries must be all4one (set 100% to @steemalive to support us).
  5. Vote and resteem this contest post.
  6. Your article should be at least 300 words.


How winners are selected

  • Quality is King: 300 words is the minimum
  • Number of quality Comments: Try to make at least 20 comments.
  • Formatting: Justify alignment and centered headings make your work neat.
  • Originality: You will automatically be disqualified if you are found plagiarizing.

The Contest Prize - 20 Steem + Booming + Trail!

Here is how we will distribute the prizes:

  • 1st Position: 7 Steem + 2 booming + 2 trails
  • 2nd Position: 4 Steem + 2 booming + 2 trails
  • 3rd Position: 3 Steem + 2 Booming + 2 trail
  • 4th-6th Position: 2 Steem each + 2 Trails

Contest Date: Monday 4th - Saturday 9th July, 2022


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.

c: @disconnect


Delegate to SteemAlive


Click here to see our delegators

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This is amazing, i was unable to complete last week own, this week, i will do my best

Sorry about that. We cant wait to have your complete entries for this week @ijelady

Waow another week of serious engagement... let's go

Cant wait to see your entries @divineeko. Keep them coming

Thanks for encouraging my steeming spirit

Ooooh This is cool.
I'm in for this contest.
Thanks, @steemalive for this contest.

Bring it on @sammylove. Lets get creative and keep on publishing

Nice contest topics. Let's get on it friends. Good luck to you all

Let's read and write ✍️ my entry loading.

Sure lets do it. Keep your entries coming @joyful22

Another amazing week for an amazing contest..

We are waiting to read your entries. Start early @ruthjoe

Beautiful contest in the early days of July. I will be contesting without hesitating. Thanks @steemalive.

Best of luck to all participants.

@nsikakedem. We want to read your entries. The key to doing well is starting early. Try it out

Great contest. Worth participating. My entries loading.

Waooh @emjeak. Its been a while. We are waiting to read your entries

  ·  last month (edited)

wow this is so so interesting I have completed the last week contest and I promise to do my best in this week contest I can't wait to drop my own entry

@richy20. That is amazing. We will announce the winners soonest. Meanwhile, start work on this one.

okay i promise to do my best that's my promise

@steemalive I promise to drop my own entry as soon

Hmmm, hopefully, I can make an entry on all everyday

@olabillions. That would be great. Be sure to check the contest rules well and follow them too. We wish you success in advance

Hopefully I would participate.

@chiomavia. We are waiting to read your story. When Are you starting

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@disconnect. Thank you for the kind mention. We appreciate that

Early bird!!! Waooh. Impressive. We know you will do well. Keep it up

Thank you

Another exciting week ahead..... I'll sure try my best to participate
We will always steem on

It promises to be fun too @precious123. We are ready to read your entries. Give it your best to stand a chance of winning

I'll sure put in my best

Wow it's a great one and I must try to complete this week's own because I couldn't complete last week own.

Sorry you could not complete the one for last week. But this week, dont let it slip by. Try to do something about it quick

Thank you I will try my best

Wow @steemalive,this is really a nice contest and I will like to participate.

So expect my entry soon.

Please do so. We cannot wait to read your entries. Make sure you fully follow the contest rule @innocent10

@focusnow,thank you this information and I vow to abide by the contest rules so as to gain support from the community.

This is really fast. Thank you for making an entry here. We cant wait to read your next entries. We wish you success in the contest

Waooh. We love your pictures and would like to see more quality works like this from you. Thank you so much for participating.

@sammylove. This is quite impressive. Starting early like this is key to doing well in a contest. Lets do it!!!

We love your impressive efforts. Keep it up @sammylove

Wow this is great.

When are you dropping your first entry? We are waiting to read and rate it. Thank you so much @okere-blessing

Hahahaha soonest sir

Sure it is. Hope your first entry is dropping soon

Havnt been active for the past two weeks because of health challenges, i hope to do more this week.

How are you doing today @donpearl. I hope you are getting better? We have really missed you. Please get well soonest. We will love to see your entries for this contest. Do your best and participate.

Impressive early effort. Thank you so much and keep it up

Yeah @steemalive,thank yo udear for posting this nice contest.

Impressive entry, so much quality in it. We wish you the best in this contest. Waiting for your next entry @olabillions

Thanks you very much,
Other entries are at the brim of my palm😁
I will get to work

Impressive. Keep it up

Wow 😲😳😲, I'm very ready to do the needful, thank you my @steemalive community for this.

Woaooah, I wish I can participate in this Contest ooh. God please help me to be among the participants

@chichieze. We really hope you will be among. Your entries are always great. Looking forward to that

Here , that just kind of getting to acknowledge God that .You can't do anything on your own , without God's help. Because you personally do know that , you can't exclude yourself from this contest. Thank Mma.

  ·  last month (edited)

oohh.. i just saw it. I love this challenge, it makes me excited to produce posts. I will be participating again. I'm not very careful when opening the community page. 🥺

Last week I successfully completed the challenge. but my 2 posts don't get the rating check table

Sorry about that my friend. Don't worry, make a post this week, I will personally check it myself. We love you okay 🤗🤗

Hello Steemalive, an amazing contest yet again.
This is my first entry
ReadNWrite - How to play snooker

Happy to be back!

Here is my first participation link below. @steemalive
Improving your health by reducing or eliminating stress

  ·  last month (edited) just seeing this now.
Please @steemalive can I meet up with this task or it's too late. I'll be waiting for your reply.

  ·  last month (edited)

This my link:

Link here