SteemAlive Presents: Ancient & Modern. Show us your old gadgets and the New one. Contest Prize: 43 Steem

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It is time to announce a brand new contest for the week. Welcome once again. First, we wish to let you know that due to some changes, we will be announcing new contests on Thursday Mornings like this. Thank you so much for always supporting SteemAlive. Our Contest for this week is called Ancient & Modern. It is something really interesting. Meanwhile, here is the prize for our last week contest. We already sent it some days ago.



This Week's Contest - Ancient & Modern

Do you have old items you bought and used many years ago? Have you bought a new one now? You should probably have changed a lot of things as year pass. For example, it could be an old Stove, Gas cooker, Television, Phone, Pot, Fan, furniture, shoe, bag, Kettle, or any other things. We want to see them and hear stories behind them. We want to see as many as you can write

What you need to do

Capture your old item, and the new one you are using now. Tell us stories about the them.

For each set of items you captured, tell us:

  • Where did you buy the old item, and the new one?
  • How much did you buy them?
  • How long have you used the old item, and the new one?
  • Describe the quality or durability of the old and new item
  • What else do you want to tell us about your old items, as well as the new one? Be detailed


The rules

  1. You must be a verified member of SteemAlive
  2. Your post must be published in SteemAlive Community. The topic should be: Ancient & Modern - See some of my old items and the new ones (10% to @steemalive)!
  3. Your story must be at least 300 words long. You can check the length here:
  4. Please drop the link of your post as a comment on this post
  5. Subscribe to our community.
  6. You must Vote and resteem this post
  7. Your first tag for the post should be #ancimod


How winners are selected

  • Quality Content: Detail is important. Write as much as you can. Your original pictures will also be a big win for you
  • Number of quality Comments: We will count all the quality comments you made in posts published in SteemALive community in the next 7 days. Please take this serious. Its a big winning parameter
  • Formatting: Each post should have justify alignment.

Important: At our discretion, we will reduce the prize of participants that made less than 10 quality comments.


The Contest Prize - 43 Steem

Contest Prize is 43 Steem and will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Position: 10 Steem
  • 2nd Position: 7 Steem
  • 3rd Position: 5 Steem
  • 4th-10th Position: 3 Steem

This Contest will end on Thursday, 24/2/2022.


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.


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  ·  7 months ago (edited)

.Another interesting contest from steemalive. Where are those my old stuff.

We cant wait to see them. We wish you the best in this contest. @emjeak

I can see you finally found those ancient and modern items 😂😂😂, they are ok like mine, take care.

Hahahaha, what a contest, my old things where are, some i burnt some years ago but definitely I must check d remaining ones around and write on them

I'm waiting to see your old items, where are they 😁😁

Wow! Beautiful one. I laughed upon seeing this. I will sure participate. Thanks @steemalive for this.

We want to see all those forsaken items surfacing and reloading again, @steemalive makes people to laugh....😂😂😂😂

@steemalive makes people to laugh....😂

They keep taking us back the memory line.

That's the beauty of @steemalive though.

Very Wonderful Contest. I will like to participate

I remember you have already dropped yours

Oh my God! Una don come again! Chai, see me see wahala o, steemalive una too much. Anyway, let me go and scarta my old boy store house, I fit still see some. Keep the fire burning.

The fire is still burning, waiting for your arrival.

What a great contest, of so I have to start scattering my house and look for my old items

That's the unexpected part of @steemalive for us,😀😀😀😀 taking us unawares, you can do it if you try.

Yeah dear I did mine

Ok, thanks very much, good morning.

You really did the scattering of your house @mesola I have already seen them.

My dear some of my old items I don't even know where I kept them, thank you for your time on my blog

Heew, this is funny. I need to travel to my village to capture some of our old gadgets.

You better start going, come back and participate

This going to be so interesting, my entry is loadiing already

I can't wait to see your old and new items

Hahaha, ok dear

Have a good day

Ancient/modern: see some of my old items and new ones. 10% to @steemalive.

@emjeak, I read through your own but sorry for how you suddenly started wearing glasses

@ijbest. Thanks a lot. I appreciate.

Thank you very much, good to know

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Can't wait to see 1990 old Televisions and other gadgets unknown to me😂.

Meanwhile my link dropping soon. I wish us all the best

Wow, drop yours let's have a look.

My own old analogue television was year 2000,😁😁😁😁 but during it's days it served us properly.

What of now? Hope it's still in good condition 🤣

Which of the items are you talking about, as far as I know, everything here maranma

Another exciting contest🥳🥳🥳 I'm so gonna jump on this one. I have a few old things and new ones

I'm still waiting for your own ancient and modern to land here, 😂😂

😂😂😂😂😂😌@ngzozi996, good morning.

Please where are my old things, its time to steem with old items, this is an educating contest, brain treaser, my entry is loading.

@beautybb. We want to see your oldest shoe. Hahahaha

Very old shoes, like very old

Yeah we are waiting to see them na

Have you not thrown them away before you relocated to Lagos ? Hahahahahahah my sister @beautybb

Motor no gree carry them come

Wow, I'm trying to remember where my old items are, I know I find them and quickly drop my findings, thank you @steemalive for taking me through memory lane.

This is what I call a fun contest😃
Let me go and snap as many as I can🏃

We wanna see the mooo na we are waiting


Good morning sis.

Good evening ma'am!

Bless you girl, how is your day going

This is great, see me wet dey burn burn old things, is time for me to start keeping old things, hahahaha

You can still keep some while setting some on fire

At least for the memories. But if you check well, you might still see one or two @ijelady

This is funny and interesting.
Let me go and snap my father's old TV that is older than me.

Waiting to see it ooo de p.

Yes ma 😆

Thank you nne

Hahahaha. We cant wait to see it. Do you still have that old lantern? @patience90

Yes my father does.
Thanks for the reminder because I've forgotten about lantern.
Let me be going abeg before he goes out

Have a nice day. Wish you the best in this contest. @patience90

@patience90, hope your post is still loading, I can't wait to read yours

😆😆😆 mama I'm working on it

Good to hear that, de p.


A very good and interesting contest, getting old stuffs will be stressful though but I must try and be part of this contest

We are waiting to see your own ancient and modern items 😂😂😂

@laderi. We cant wait to see your old stuffs - they are memories of your past, aren't they?

Yeah memories they say, hardly die, I have dropped my analogies, 😀😀😀😀

This is my link