Our Nomination of top 5 club5050/75/100 Quality posts in SteemAlive for 24/06/2022.

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Hello, welcome to our nomination of quality posts from our community today. Each day, we carefully go through posts published in our community and hand-pick 5 that have great quality. We look at some criteria before selecting posts. Some of the things we consider includes participation in #club5050, club70 or club100. We also look at the quality of each post and style of presentation. We ill tell you more about our selection criteria later in this page. Meanwhile, we want to present our top 5 selections to you.


Top 5 posts for today - Friday 24/06/2022

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Transfers5.082 Steem
Powerup13.638 STEEM
Club StatusClub5050

Learn how Consumable product can normalize blood flow to stop or prevent hypertension



Transfers0 Steem
Powerup10 STEEM
Club StatusClub5050




Transfers503.004 Steem
Powerup1861.339 STEEM
Club StatusClub75

Application for Country Representative of Nigeria by @focusnow


steem 3.png

Transfers680 Steem
Powerup2112.499 STEEM
Club StatusClub75

Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 (Week 3)| Local Business review: Review On Mami Rose Cosmetic shop by @vhiabertrand


steem 2.png

Transfers35 STEEM
Powerup40 STEEM
Club StatusClub5050

Enjoying my day and taking selfie with friends as potential father's on father's day.


What To do So that your posts get Selected

1. Join and Remain in #club5050: #club5050 is one of the best projects ever initiated by the Steemit team. It encourages direct investment on the Steem platform from the earnings you make. So to join the club, make sure to power up at least 50% equal value of the funds you transfer out of your wallet over a 30 day period. It simply means that what you withdraw and sell from your wallet should not be bigger than what you power up.

We encourage our members to take it even higher to club70 or even club100. With club70, at least 70% of your earnings are powered up. With club100, all your earnings are powered up. If you do that, you have the possibility of getting supported by 01 if we pick your post. Votes are not guaranteed though.

2. Get Verified and be active: SteemAlive has a verification system that helps us vet members before thay are officially accepted. Our verification system ensures that you understand the basic rules of content creation and that you will make quality content. After you pass the requirements, we will give you a verified label which we give our members. Once you are verified and you actively participate in community activity, your posts stand a chance of being picked.

3. Produce quality Content: We make sure our members produce quality content. We will only pick posts that have reasonable content. We will check the length of your post. We generally recommend a minimum of 300 words. We will also check whether you apply our basic formatting styles - justify alignment and centered headings. We will also check for the originality of your texts and images. If you do plagiarism. We will kick you out of our community and report you. make sure your content is original and all copied materials are properly referenced.



Congratulations if your post has been picked. We do not guaranteed that the steemit team will vote you. But there is big possibility they will do so. Continue to power up and do all the things listed above. If you work harder, we will pick you again. Thanks


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Congratulations to all of you that made it at the top today, it is a great privilege.

Congratulations everyone in the list. Steemit we are ready

Commented, thanks for finding out time to pick the top 5 post.

Woow thank 🙏 @Steemalive for recognizing my post as one of the best post for the day. I'm really happy