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Hello folks,how are you all doing and I hope all is really working fine,today I will like to be back with you guys in this very interesting topic which is based on the things that do really help us survive in life.
Good personal hygiene is really good as it helps to live a very healthy life free from stress and our world today we all can see that many are not improving their rate of hygiene and that goes a long way to cause many health problems for.hope you will find it interesting to read through my post.

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What is hygiene

From my own understanding and experience I can say that hygiene is known as those activities or behavior that can help to improve cleanliness and also improve our health.

Things I do in a day as part of personal hygiene

  • Brushing my teeth:This is one thing I do to improve my personal hygiene,brushing our teeth is really a good thing that needs to be done as it helps to prevent germs from entering our body through the decayed food particles in our mouth and as such we need to observe this oral hygiene twice a day.

  • Washing my clothes:Yes,I do wash my clothes anytime they get dirty and it is a one of the hygiene methods I do for the day,it goes a long way to help us by making us look neat whenever we wash our cloths very well.

  • Taking my bath:Wow,this is really the one I like so much as I really like to bath hot water🤩🤩.this really goes a long way by making us look neat and attractive and free from smell and other disease.

  • Nail hygiene:this can be done by me cutting my nails.

There are other hygiene I do everyday but I will like to stop here.

ways people do neglet hygiene

There are so many ways people do neglet hygiene or I can say that they don't know the consequences.

  • Some neglet this hygiene due to mental or emotional disorder.

  • They neglet hygiene because they are always tired and looking for people to help them.

  • Lack of education and others.

  • Self neglet.

Things associated with poor hygiene

There are really many consequences enacted to poor personal hygiene and some if them include:

  • Sickness

  • Odour

  • Some disease like diarrhea can equally come upon the victim.

How many times I do brush and wash my mouth a day

We were taught in school that we as student should always brush and take our baths twice a day and that is a good way to keep a good personal hygiene.and till now I do carry on those things in my head .


I am really happy to be back here in the community and that's why I decided to resume with this all4one post,hope am really welcomed.
Observing a good personal hygiene is really good as it helps to keep us all safe and free from disease.

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Wow,am really happy to be at the top with my other steemians.

Personal hygiene matters, but some people don't think so, their are people who can stay without brushing or bathing.

Yes dear,and it's very annoying.

If you are concerned about the quality of your skin, you should use a moisturizer and take a bath or shower at least once a day.

Personal hygiene matters a lot and it doesn't cost much to take care of the body. People think you have to buy expensive things, clothes, perfumes before they will look nice and clean but that it not true.

Welcome back to the community, your post has been missed.

Yes dear,some think that buying perfumes and expensive stuffs will really make you more hygienic.

Thank you dear,am very happy that you missed my post and I will be dropping others very soon.

It's important to make sure you are clean and smelling good before you go out and about.

Nowadays we have a lot of products that help us maintain our personal hygiene. Some of these products are shampoos, conditioners, and hair dryers. We have so many products that it's easy to forget that personal hygiene is important.

It is true that action speaks louder than words
Keeping good Personal hygiene is an obligation we are expected to keep because our lives are involved

Yes dear,we are expected to keep good personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is important for many reasons. Some people think that personal hygiene is just about showering and brushing your teeth, but it goes way beyond that.

Personal hygiene is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yes bro, maintaining personal hygiene makes the body save from diseases.
Nice post @ogwo, just now you came back, you have already started posting, keep it up 💪🤝

Thank you dear for the appreciation.

My regards.

You are welcome bro 🤝

Okay dear.

It is important to wash your hands after using the bathroom, before and after eating, after using the restroom, and after touching an animal or sick person.

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Wow,thank you for this nice evaluation,am really happy.

I am happy that those things you learn in school is still active in your memory. And what are those things? Personal hygiene

Yes dear,we were thought on the types of personal hygiene and also how we can put them all to work.

It's not just about your looks; it's about your health.

It's hard to forget thing that we thought from our school its was very golden time have a nice day

Personal hygiene is really helps us live a healthy life.
Nice post.

Yes dear,we should keep ourselves and environment clean.

A lot of people don't realize how much personal hygiene can affect your life.

It is also important to shower every day, brush your teeth twice a day, and wash your face with soap. When it comes to personal hygiene, it is important to keep up with the recommended practices.

Personal hygiene is a big part of our everyday lives. It is important to remember to brush your teeth and wash your face before bed.

wow indeed personal hygiene is really good and we all should observe it you have done well by teaching us I love your post and it is all4one keep it up friend thanks for teaching me

Thank you for this nice comment.

All4one is good initiative to promote steemalive. And the Personal hygiene with skin care this will help prevent acne, dry skin, and other skin conditions. If you wear makeup, it is also important to remove it before bed to prevent clogged pores and breakouts from occurring.

I totally agree with you you have done well

personal hygiene are helpful to human and it help to build our health @ogwo have done a great job explaining how take personal hygiene routine everyday.

yeah he really tried alot

Yeah, he really take his time to explain it all and I really enjoyed reading his post. what a great article.

Personal hygiene helps us to be healthy, to stay close to God because God don't accept dirty people and more to that people around us will love us

Personal hygiene helps us to be healthy, to stay close to God

Personal hygiene is important for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is because God doesn't accept dirty people. When you are clean, you are more likely to stay close to God.

Personal Hygiene is good, important and should be practiced by everyone. Say no to unhygienic and unhealthy lifestyles as it's a threat to one's health and that of people around him or her.

We should wash our hands before every meal, after using the bathroom, after handling raw meat, and before we eat. We should also brush our teeth twice a day and floss our teeth daily.

Many people don't have good sense of hygiene. Some people eat or drink before washing their teeth. Poor hygiene is not good for our health.

It's important to take care of your body because it's what God made you. God loves you and wants you to be clean and happy

Yes poor hygiene causes sickness. Where have you been. Nice to read your article again.

We should always be taking care of our bodies and doing our best to stay clean.

I have not been active due to some issues with my account,but am happy that it is resolved.

Welcome. Am happy you are back.

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Oh that's good brother your issue is resolved and happy to see you again I hope you will receive your prize from community very soon

Hygiene is very good toward healthy living . It's very much true that some might get neglect their hygiene due to mental disorder and critical health issues . Personal cleanliness and that of our environs should be our outright priority.

Hygiene is very important for living a healthy life. It is important to keep yourself and your home clean in order to avoid sickness and disease. Make sure to always wash your hands with soap before meals, after using the bathroom, and before handling food

Nice one @ogwo you wrote well is good to keep personal hygiene it helps a lot in our live because if someone is not keeping personal hygiene the person will be suffering from one diseases or the other due some bacterias that will be in his or health due to lack of hygiene

Yes dear,thank you for going through my post,I appreciate.

You should also always wash your hands before preparing food, cooking, or eating. These simple steps can help you stay healthy and avoid sickness.

Personal hygiene mater's a lot if we want to leave a healthy life. But I don't know why some people do neglect it. Am happy that you knows the importance and also follow it up. If I may ask, why do you prefer bathing hot water?

Hygiene is very important to healthy living. If you're not careful about your hygiene, you could be putting yourself at risk for many health problems. Hygiene includes washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and taking a shower.

You are absolutely correct my friend. Seriously I don't play with personal hygiene. Hope you too?

Personal hygiene is very important to health. Once you are not hygienic, it might result to big issue.

Thanks for sharing.

They neglet hygiene because they are always tired and looking for people to help them.

Yes, my brother, and this is called pure laziness.