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Hello folks,how are you all doing and I hope all is really working out well,today I will like to deliberate on this very great topic with is pounching it's greenlight one the three inventions that we all know today are very important to make a good living.
Imagine life without these three things,hope it will be boring??.Now I hope you guys will find it interesting to read through my post.

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How life was before the invention of electricity, internet and cameras

I can say that it is very annoying then,there is no internet,no electricity and cameras.

When it comes to Electricity,I even imagine how they do survive because in our world today electricity is needed in every corner of the house for light and also to help powerul our home electrical appliances.

When it comes to that of the camera,it is also annoying then,there is no way that we all can give a record of an occasion by video,then,weedings are been done just like that with any video or pictures of the bride or groom.

When it comes to the internet,in our world today,we all know that internet is the only means that we can see things happening far and wide but ij the olden days they don't have access to these things and life was like hell for them,filled with suffering and not to make people happy.

In conclusion,I can equally say that,life was like a living hell then,where there is no means for people to use this inventions,but now we are really enjoying them.

How this inventions changed our life

Yes,there are really so many ways by which this three inventions have really changed our lives and I will explain them to you one by one.


  • These has changed our lives in such a way that it gives us a remembrance of an occasion we did in the past.

  • It has contributed to the movie industry in such a way that when videos are been shot they are recorded and it is through the help of camera.


  • This is really the most necessary one as it has helped us in so many ways and one of those ways are by giving us light to live a happy life.

  • It really helps to reduce stress because when there is power supply we all will have to watch movies and forget our worries.


  • Wow,this is really a good invention by technology,it really goes a long way to make living nice and fun,as we can get to know about the things happening around the world.

  • It helps us to get money apart from the work we do,like in this platform,we all are help to explore and gain some money to help us in life.

Negative effects of the internet on us

This is the only invention among the others that I know that really has negative effect on us both the old and young.

  • It exposes the kids to wrong lifestyle ij such a way that they will like to live like other celebrities.

  • It has urged everyone to channel their mind in depending on making money in a wrong way.

  • It really affects us by exposing our personal things to the internet like our bank details our email address and so on which will go a long way to enables internet frudstars to want to hack us.

Improvements that have been made oner the years in this three inventions


Before,it was not famous like it is now, people discovering that they can make cool cash from the internet now join in some social media like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and others.


Before, electricity were given to those who can afford it but due to development,they have improved by making it able to be used by many both the rich and poor by providing other power supplying channels like the generator and other.


Before, picture are not clear and they are mostly seen in white and black forms,but now they have improved by making our cell phone have camrleras on them and therefore making it brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Invention of these things are really good as they have really helped to improve our life for good.
Although there are so many other negative effect of mostly the internet on us but we can really cope with it and be careful with the links we do open.


Wow,thank you @steemalive for this great topic as I came late in this contest and will try to cope up with the one for next week.
I will like to invite @richy20,@ijelady to read through my post.

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wow this post I so much love it and I grade it as the best indeed the three on those you mentioned has really help the world at large
It exposes the kids to wrong lifestyle ij such a way that they will like to live like other celebrities.

It has urged everyone to channel their mind in depending on making money in a wrong way.

It really affects us by exposing our personal things to the internet like our bank details our email address and so on which will go a long way to enables internet frudstars to want to hack us.i love this especially you have done well my friend keep moving

Wow,thank you for this nice review of my post @richy20.

I really appreciate.

I appreciate your comment and the internet has allowed people to communicate with others around the world without having to physically be there. Electricity has allowed for many other inventions such as computers, televisions, and more.

Nice post, keep it up. You have said it all.

Thanks but can you drop at least one thing you have just understood in my post as I will really appreciate it.

Imagine life without these three things,hope it will be boring?

Life would not only be boring but uninteresting and doom, with camera our memories are never wiped away
We explore the internet for important informations and of course, electricity has really illuminated our lives

Yes dear,these three things have really gone a long way to make things fun for us

Thank you for coming around

Yeah ogwo all these things becomes the basic part of our life we can't live without then a Ideal life

Thanks dear for the comment.

You are right just imagine you have to visit Europe but camera not allow to you What's your feelings

Omor ehhnnn, I'll just stay back
How can I travel to some beautiful place without a camera to snap amazing scenes??

Yeah it's impossible right know So please keep you camera when you come Pakistan 😃

Really life by our own standard must have been hail for them . This is what we think but it might not be so. The light we enjoy today is an improvement on what they achieved. When you go into history you will see how electricity was discovered. It has improved lives. It not only powers out televisions but our industries, means of transportation which of course another form of communication. Internet is just one it.
Camera has also helped in record keeping. It keeps memories of the past. It is the hub of the movie industry. Many people depend on it as their means of livelihood. It helps the security agencies in intelligence gathering. With it they engage in covert operations. The negative side of camera is that it facilitate blackmailing of people. Dubious characters make money from blackmailing others. It is good work.thank you.

Wow,am happy for your nice and lengthy review of my post,this is really how to make a quality comment.

Keep it up dear.

Internet is just one it.

Dear sir greetings the internet is also a place where cyber bullying and harassment can happen. If you are looking for a way to get away from the negative aspects of the internet, try going on a vacation or spending time in nature.

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I love the simpli in your post. You have helped us to know how life was when there was no, electricity, camera and internet. You made it clear the benefit they have brought to our lives.
Thank you @ogwo for this post. Welcome back to steemit.

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Thank you for this worm receive,I am really happy to be back here with you guys.

Thanks for the comment and evaluation.

Thank you

I love your third point about the negative effects of the internet on us...
A lot of people personal life and data has been breached..
Just of recent, a recent hack apen in the Nft space and people lost millions of Dollars 😩😩🥺...
People hard-earned money gone .

With the internet you are able to get a lot of information about a lot of things, but unfortunately it can also cause you to be distracted and waste a lot of time.

I agree with you on this...
Which I why I think parents should play a huge role in this..
Curtailing the amount of screen time their children get..🤏

Yeah role of parents is very very important in this regard thanks alot for your compliment

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Wow,that j you for the support.i really appreciate.

Electricity, camera and internet have had an impact on our life's in a positive way. Electricity has made our lives easier with the availability of power. Camera is used to capture memories and important moments. Internet has connected people from all over the world.