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The Worst day:
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake At Night



The night was very dark and silent. I went to bed earlier than usual. As usual, I set the alarm before going to bed. I didn't set it up for a week because of my irregular sleeping hours. If I go to bed early, then my alarm is set earlier. And vice versa. I took the blanket and wrapped myself up. My smartphone is on airplane mode.

The night went by so fast. This morning was not as usual. I am awakened by the movement of the earth's layers centered in my district. I seemed to be still dreaming and sat on the bed. My mother's shout that woke the whole house woke me up. The 6.5-magnitude earthquake did not last long. Earthquakes that occur at night are different. Feelings of anxiety and restlessness are very imprinted.

Everyone was sitting and pensive in the yard and away from the trees. We are still traumatized by the great shock that caused the tsunami in 2004. A minutes later, the dawn call to prayer resounded in the village Meunasah. I dare not pray at home. And the down prayer was carried out at the village Meunasah.

The sun came and made it all clear. I don't think there are any major ruins and casualties. But in fact, most of the buildings in my city were destroyed, collapsed, and cracked. Many victims were crushed by buildings. Even a groom and some entourage died. My tears just flowed. We are grateful that we are still safe from this natural disaster.

The Best Day Of My Life:
The Distribution Of Report Cards Made My Parents' Eyes Tear Up


My Cups

At that time, I was still in middle school. In addition to studying at school like other students, my parents were given special education to study religious issues at one of the leading educational institutions in the Pidie Jaya district.

That day was the day of the distribution of the prizes and the distribution of the report cards of my 4-four-month study results. I was sick and couldn't attend. My father and mother took over my duty to attend the report book distribution without me being accompanied. The sharing of the learning outcomes report it is indeed extraordinary. It begins with several events and presentations first.

That day, I managed to make my mother and father cry. He took home two trophies. The second trophy for intelligence and the first prize in the religious class. That same night my father went into town and bought me my favorite gift which I have taken care of and keep to this day. My father is a quiet person. The way to give a surprise is different from the others.

Well, that's my post about The Worst day and the best day of your life - A true-life story! It was a true story that made me both happy and scared. Thank you for reading and providing positive support for this post. I appreciate it. I invite @asiahaiss @jyoti-thelight @maulidiya to take part in this contest. Thanks to all members of the community administrators who have organized this contest. Thanks to the Steemit team, especially @steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 who always give me support to keep moving forward in Steemit.

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But in fact, most of the buildings in my city were destroyed, collapsed, and cracked. Many victims were crushed by buildings. Even a groom and some entourage died. My tears just flowed. We are grateful that we are still safe from this natural disaster.

Natural disaster's like earthquake and tsunami has claimed thousands of life in many parts of the world. Am happy that you are your house hold was saved after the fearful night mare. May the almighty console the victims family members.

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Thanks for the review and support, dear
I am glad to hear that.

Oh earthquake at night! That is so terrible. It so sad to hear that a groom died during the earthquake and also many houses were destroyed and as such left many people homeless for sometime. Thank God that you are well, and hearty. We thank God for protecting you from that disaster.

There's nothing so sweet than seeing your mum and dad happy when you return from school with a wonderful result. Especially with trophies. It makes them so proud. I can sew your trophies, one from the intelligence competition and the other from winning a religion competition kudos to you sir. Wish you goodluck.

I am very afraid, dear. Thanks for the support and wise words

You are welcome ma.



Oooh God🤦‍♂️, what a pathetic and sad story you have shared with us which has caused me tears. It's very painful losing people in an awful event like the earthquake that destroyed things at your city as many people died including the groom, homes destroyed and alot of other things destroyed. This is so painful to bare. But I'm so happy God Protected you and kept you safe

Woow your best day experience is very beautiful 😍. I'm happy you made your parents so proud of you as your results were magnificent with alot of trophies. This shows that you are a super intelligent girl

Thanks for the wise words. It makes me blush

You deserve it my dear. You are such a beautifully and a brilliant girl

I have read about your bad day and your good day.Natural disasters like earth are so dangerous whenever they happen.I am pained by 2004 tsunami that claimed lives and destroyed buildings.Wow,your father recieved two awards on your behalf and he surprised you with loads of gift.Thats enough encouragement.

Thanks for the support and wise comment

You are very welcome.I pray that a time will come when death, earthquake and other natural disasters will be no more so that we can enjoy lasting peace and joy in this Earth.I just hope that it comes to pass.

In fact, earthquakes are natural disasters, we do not have a hand in it. The will of the Absolute Creator. But in fact I have never faced this disaster, in our country this earthquake is a little less. You said your worst day was the day you were asleep at night and suddenly you heard your mother crying. Because there is an earthquake there. As a result, many of your buildings have collapsed. It was actually a very scary time going to burden you. It was good to present your post.

Thanks for reading and supported my post

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I can't image the flex of bringing two trophies to your home. They were even presented to you by your parent, that is enoght to the brightest day of your life. We focus today on good days

Best of luck

Thanks for reading my post, dear

You are welcome 🤗


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Thanks for the support

The 6.5-magnitude earthquake did not last long. Earthquakes that occur at night are different. Feelings of anxiety and restlessness are very imprinted.

Actually this makes me to remember the time we were warmed on television that there might be an earthquake in parts of Ghana. At that particular time we had moved to the Volta region, my father had travelled for his usual meetings . When my mom heard about the earth quake prediction in the nose, that night she didn’t make us sleep in the room but Thayer we slept on the varender just incase anything happens and we needed to run.

Fortunately on our side nothing happened. I was small at that time so I didn’t really know the extent of an earthquake. Now that am grown I’ve seen the havoc an earthquake can cause and I don’t wanna experience it ever.

managed to make my mother and father cry. He took home two trophies

I can just imagine the smile on your fathers face as he was called to come for the trophies on your behalf . Your parents must have been soo proud of their daughter. ☺️.

If I may ask what did he buy for you though 🤔. What is your favourite gift 🤔.

Thanks for reading my post. Hopefully, there will be no more natural disasters that leave scars and sorrow.

I imagine the shock, the fear that the whole family faced plus the entire village, am happy that you survived it, earthquake is a terrible situation.

Thanks dear

I imagine the scare that waking up in the middle of an earthquake must be to die of fear.
What a joy his parents must have felt when they achieved two trophies, what a great pride. Greetings.

Thanks for stopping by on my post and reading it, @sulvargasman

Natural disasters are one of the scariest things for me

Natural disasters are unexpected and horrible. I'm glad you weren't harmed in the earthquake.

I can imagine how happy you must have felt after receiving those trophies.

nadiaturrina (72)am so sorry for about the earth quake which destroyed many building am really sorry what All that happened that day sorry dear

Thanks for the support

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