I wish I could take a class at STEEMIT CRYPTO ACADEMY, and I POWER UP 100% #club100

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Hello friends.

I really want to be able to join the Steemit Crypto Academy Community, I want to learn a lot of things about Crypto, but unfortunately, I am not yet qualified to be able to participate in the STEEMIT CRYPTO ACADEMY class, even though I have done Power UP of all the rewards that I get.

And I have also been guided by @atim1234 so that I can participate in the steemit crypto academy class, but unfortunately I also don't know what to do, so I ask for directions and instructions from all of you,

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Currently in my wallet, I have more than 77 STEEM, and also I have 24 STEEM POWER which is also the result of the reward from the Achievement Post that I made some time ago.


And now I'm doing a 77 STEEM Power Up again, and it can be said that I have done or participated in the #Club100 Program which was held by oileh @steemcurator01 and also @steemblog

This is proof of the rewards I got, and I Power Up 100% of the rewards I got


and Currently, I already have 102 STEEM POWER, Oh no! this is still not enough for me to be able to take part in the Steemit Crypto Academy, can @steemcurator01 help me to get 40 more STEEM POWER so I can take classes at the STEEMIT crypto Academy

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I have followed #club100 hopefully this can be proof that I am serious about taking classes at the STEEMIT CRYPTO ACADEMY.

Thank you:
By @murdani94

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You need to write more posts !

You have only posted once in the past 10 days.

If you don't post you will not get rewards...

true as you say sir,

we have to write a lot so that we get lots of prizes, that way we can join #club5050 #club75 and #club100 and also take special classes at the crypto academy.


Saya melakukannya setiap hari dan berada dalam #club75, namun belum beruntung. Semoga kedepan saya lebih beruntung lagi. Dan terus berinvestasi dengan steem.