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Dear Steemians,
November greetings to you all. I hope you had glorious days in the month of October. No matter how beautiful the month of October was for you, the month of November will be more beautiful and glorious for you and your households. I am Kehinde Micheal and my username is @msquaretwins here on this great platform. Today, I will be sharing five important reason why you should join either club5050 or club70 or club100, and I hope you will find this article not only interesting but worthy of considering the suggestion therein. Without any further ado, let's go to the subject matter. Happy reading!😁


The Club Initiative


Many of us have seen the initiative "club5050 or club70 or club100", but many of us do not know the benefit that is attached to it. Yes, even me too. By way of reminder, club initiative is the innovative idea of the @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 to help the system grow. And the initiative is the "power up initiative"

So what is this initiative about? This initiative is in three categories: club5050, club70 and club100. The three initiative is explained mathematically below:

Club 5050 — Power up must be ≥ 50% of your earning in the last 7 days
Club70 – Power up must be ≥ 70% of your earning in the past 7 days
Club100 — Power up must be = 100% of your earning in the last days 7 days. Enough of this. Let's go to the focus of this write up


Five (5) Reasons Why You Need to Power Up


Like I said, some people may be thinking why should I power up what I earn? Why should I join one of these initiatives? I also have asked this question and I got answer to my question and that is the reason why I am writing to perhaps enlighten or remind you why you need to join one of the initiatives. Simply, the reasons why you should power up are;

1. Your Power Up Grows the Steemit Ecosystem: It is very important to know that the system you don't take care of will not grow and remain to be stagnant. Your power up help the system to grow which directly or indirectly helps individual member of this great platform to grow. Steemit ecosystem need to grow and flourish more than this. Your power up can do a lot. So you should consider powering up.

2. You save for Future: One of the adage from the book written by Myles Munroe says, "A person who cannot see the ultimate becomes a slave to the immediate". The fact that you are powering up does not mean you won't have access to it later. That is it! You don't power your reward or earning up for some else. No matter how much you power up, you still own it. It is your own. If you power up today, you are just saving for future. If I were you, I will consider saving for future. And interestingly, your saving earn you influence.

3. Your Power up Increases Your SP: You see that? The reward of power up is very huge. When you power up, you don't only save for future, you also increase your influence and voting power. I hope you know the importance of voting power. As your power to vote people's content increases your curator reward increases. Wow! My friends, It is time you considered joining one of the initiatives.

4. Your Power Up allow you to earn More: Have you checked the post of steemians who have joined the initiative? The reward they get from powering up is massive. This means that the system is not only encouraging you to join any of the initiative, but also rewards you for complying and helping the system grow. Isn't that wonderful? If at all you have not considered joining one of the initiative, I think this reason is enough for you to join the initiative ASAP.

5. Your Power Up Give you Access to Join CryptoAcademy: Another wonderful reason you should consider powering up is that it give you access to attend lectures in the cryptoacademy. In cryptoacademy, you always get reward for what you write so far as you get up to pass mark. This is not possible with other communities. And to encourage you, ever since I joined cryptoacademy, I have been getting steady reward by just attending lectures and writing homework.


My Own Power Up😀


The best way to Preach is to do what you Preach. I also have power up for you to know that I don't just preach power up, I do it. And I hope to do more as the initiative continue for the growth of the system. Below is my power up screenshot

• As seen in the image below I have 161 STEEM and this is all my earning for last week. And my current steem power is 600SP as indicated by a red box in the screenshot.


• Out of 161 STEEM, I powered up 85 STEEM and the history of this power up is displayed below.


• Then, I now have 685 Effective Steem Power in my wallet.





In this post, I have explained the three categories of club initiative. Also, I have highlighted and explained the reason why you should consider powering up part or all your earning at this time. I believe you have read and seen one or two reasons why you need to power up.

Thank you for reading

Written by :- @msquaretwins

Cc: @focusnow

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Thanks for sharing this information is really helpful for starter like myself. Kudos to you.

@erinosho, Thank you for reading. I hope to see you grow here Sir.

@msquaretwins sure by God's grace i will. See you at the top.

Hi @msquaretwins

You are a great writer and your writing style is very appealing. Power up exercise is the best approach to enrich, sustain our steem ecosystem. As you Increase your so via powering up your steem, it is very encouraging.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you @sammylinks for this wonderful contribution. Have a glorious day Sir.

Have a glorious day Sir.

And you too

Thank you Sir.