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Club5050, How To See It.

Just like the steemit team mentioned, club5050 will encourage investors and also allow curators to have a fair share of the community. On the other hand some may feel disappointed and frown at the the new rule. The decision to power up back half of one's earning in a month may seem daunting. But in reality, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel when we thoroughly consider this.

1• How club5050 May Create steem scarcity.

Just think about it? Just imagine that most persons are not selling steem anymore, they want to compound more instead so as to participate in #club5050 or club75. Well, the result will be lesser steem in circulation. The more sbd is converted to steem for same purpose will result to similar scarcity.

The big question is: are we loosing when there are scarcity?

Think about the projection ? Imagine steem gaining in price and more investors feels compelled because now steem price keeps rising? Now you can ask yourself, who are the holders of the steem coin?

2• How Our Account May Respond

The fact remains that the way we see this new rule may affect our future. Suppose the price of steem gets to $1 for example, the value of each individual account will surely rise in value. When it gets further up to 2 dollars or more, many accounts will thank steemit for introducing this concept.


How To See The concept.
  • An investment opportunity. Suppose the above mentioned speculations becomes a reality, then we have ourselves to thank for embracing this opportunity.
  • A savings strategy. The ability to save for a rainy day should not be underestimated. To me clun5050 is like another saving opportunity to try.
How Everyone Benefits.

In truth all of us want steem price to rise, we equally know and understand that such a rise will benefit everyone. If that is the case, our goal is to make it happen. How can we play a part? The answer is simple, to support the concept!

The concept will equally benefit us all in the long run, for people with higher and larger account will stand a good chance because they will have more money.

Let us take an example in bitcoin. Today many do not see Bitcoin as just a crypto but an investment opportunity. Many of us lost the chance when it was very cheap, therefore steem is another opportunity. Our investment now may work for good in the long run.

When Is it better to sell your steem?

Steem is less than a dollar as at today. The price will definitely rise based on the consensus algorithm and the project of steemit, but then when ? This answer is yet further. However, we can accelerate the move by giving it a push. Club5050 is a way to give it such push.

In summary, I personally will take this club5050 as a challenge to boost my account. It means savings for me, I wish to save as much steem coin as it is necessary.

Who is willing to join me ?


My Power-up In Support Of The #Club5050 concept.

This power-up is my highest ever since I started #steemit. I converted 50 sbd to steem and powered up 600 steem in all. Yes it may appear small to some, but it is a big thing to me .

Converting 50 sbd to steem


Powering up 600 steem



Thank you all for supporting #club5050!!

All ideas expressed are entirely my personal opinion



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