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with the call by the steemit team for us to nominate a community as best community of the the year for the steemit award 2021.
I hear by nominate @steemalive.
I am @jovita30 a member of club75.

I joined steemit march this year and i had visited more than ten communuties and also writen in them, it is for this reason am about to state that convinced me beyond reasonable doubt that steemalive is the community for the job.

Why @steemalive




  • @steemalive also has a way of keeping old users through there daily seleaction of quality post. They pick from there verified and active member who has produced quality post meeting all the qualifications including club5050.
    They also suppor with the steemalive communuty curation train whuch presently can vote up to 4$.

A link to the post nominated for today


It is not just about numbers of members, but about community activity such as

running contests

encouraging and rewarding quality posting

retaining existing members

welcoming and helping newcomers

Building sustainability and self-reliance through growing a community curation account is also important

With this above listed am convinced @steemalive meets the qualities for best community of the year.

Best Author @ngoenyi

@ngoenyi is very good at her Job as an author. She has written post almost every aspect and notable community and also Promotion in Promo steem, mentorship in steemwoman and supporting newbies in @steemalive.

She is also a Country Representative from Nigeria. She has greatly helped me understand alot about steemit through her writtings.

For this reasons I have choosen her as best author.

  • Quality: @ngoenyi writes high quality post with attensions to details.
    Her works are always be very interesting and descriptive with a very clean text formation with approprate markdowns that is so easy to read and understand by everyone.
  • Originality: Another thing i admire about @ngoenyi's post is her originality and her she properly reference her sources, if she ever gets it else where.
    Her works are full of her personal creativity and inspirations.

  • Consistency: This lady has unsual zeal for writting. She was told me that she makes one post at least everyday, no matter how tired she is.
    She is a married woman with kids but has never failed.

This is an example of her posts.

@focusnow - Best Contributor to Community

I would have loved to say much about @focusnow.
He is the brain behind all the projects in @steemalive. He has selflessly contributed to the community and in so doing paved way for many to raise.

Some more his many inovations are

  • The Steem Road Show,
  • Save2soar,
  • @steem-alive curation trail,
  • State Representatives
  • Team Coordinators Project, etc.

To know a good learder is the ability to duplicate yourself. Among the few be has helped through his selfless contribution to the community.

@ngoenyi, @beckie96830, @talktofaith, @whitestallion, @jovita30 and several others.

Like the Igbo tradition would say if you acknowledge a king for his previous good works, he would do more.
I know very well that this award would give him more multivation to do much more.

Thank you all for this great previllage for us to make our nominations.


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Perfect nominations and best of luck to the nominees

Best of luck to all the nominees and those exactly my choice.

Thanks dear.

Wow! I love have truly stated my mind in all your nominations.. I cant wait for the award to be given to your nominees.

Yes ooo. We are waiting for it.

Thank you so much for the kind things you said about me. I will continue to do more for the community @jovita30

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.