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Hello everyone I am glad to be here again, trust everyone is doing great. I guess the way things are going up is not affecting our daily needs, it shall be well with us all.

I am overjoyed to share with you all about my yesterday's activity 08-02-2022


It's a tuesday's morning and I usual wakes up as early as possible to go for a workout, but I woke up a bit late, but I still managed to go for a workout, after waking up and had my devotion, I prayed and praise God for seeing another day like this.

I quickly dressed on my sport wears by putting my sneakers and sport dress, I moved out straight to national stadium surulere, where I met with my others training team, we jogg and do some erobics training. I finished and walked back home, getting home some past 10am.

Which I immediately started my house chore by cleaning and arranging some washed cloths. After putting the house in order, I took my shower and decide to have some naps before my kids come back from school, which I slept from 12 pm till 2pm .


It was already 2:15pm, I woke up and realise that I have not prepare lunch for my kids, so I rush to a near by street market and buy some tomatoes, smokey fish and pepper.

After buying the items I went back to the house, then branch at my small garden inside my compound where I plant some vegetables and plug some of the vegetable, due to the hot weather my vegetables are already shrinkngs, though I was able to get few.

So I went striaght to my kitchen and started per boiling rice because I decided to prepare white rice with vegetable which I achieved before my kids came from school by 4pm.

my vegetable gallery

I served the kids their own portion, which they enjoyed as well .


After attending to my kids I put a call to a service worker that is fixing my television to know if his true with the servicing, which he said his done and I went by to collect the television, got and tested it and it was working fine.

I was suppose to go for a church programms that was schedules at 6:30pm, but was very reluctant to attent.

So I decides to watch the programm at home hence is as same as what I am go to watch in church. It was really really insightful.

The programm ended around 8pm and I went out to buy fruits and insecticide spray, I came back and spray the rooms while we went outside to stay for some moment. After 30 mintues we entered back, it was already past 9pm.

I login to my youtube and whatapp account after repling few messages I logout and embraced my bed.

Thank you for reading my diary, I hope it's found interesting. I remain your girl @ifyfaithfa.

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Ahh my sister, this food must be sweet ooo. Please its like am hungry now.

Hahaha thanks

Welldone ma.....I like that your garden but dont forget to bring my share of the vegetable and white rice please....

I like that your garden but dont forget to bring my share of the vegetable and white rice please

Thanks dear, I am glad that you do.
Sure I will

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