A step-by-step guide for Newbies: How to publish your first post on Steemit.

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I welcome you once again to another wonderful tutorial. Now that you have finished setting up your page and subscribing to some communities, it is time to make your first post, the introduction post. If you have not logged in before to your page, check the first 3 steps of the tutorial below:

After you logged in to your page, you can proceed with the next steps outlined below to make your first post.


Follow these Steps to publish your first post

Step 1: Click the Profile Icon at the top right-hand side of your page and click Profile from the menu items that appeared.

Step 2: Click on the Communities tab. You must publish every post in a particular community. Since this is your introduction post, it must be published in Newcomers Community. So click on Newcomers Community from the communities list. (Check image below)


Step 3: from the new window, click on Post.

Step 4: The next window is where you will compose your post. So here are the items to fill:
i. Title: Since this is your introduction post, the title should be: "Achievement 1 @your username: This is my Introduction post to Steemit. I am invited by @focusnow". Type this title in the title box.

Note: If this is not your first post, you are free to give it any title.

ii. Your Story: This second big box is where you will type your story and also insert images. To insert an image, put the cursor where you want the image to appear and do the next step.
iii. Insert image: Click the selecting themlink below the compose box to add images from gallery
iv. Tags: Each post must have at least 5 tags. Since this is your introduction post, the 5 tags to use are: achievement1 introduceyourself nigeria life steemalive. Just type the 5 tags exactly, with 1 character space, or you can just cope and paste them into the tag box.

Step 5:Add Beneficiary - We encourage every new user to support steemalive to grow more, so that we can support you too. So you donate your entire earnings from this first post to @safunds, our community projects account. Click Advanced settings to do this. (check image below)


i. Click Add account
ii. in the first small box, type 100
iii. In the box by your right, type safunds
iv. Click Save to save your settings. (See image below)
Note: All earnings from your first post will be paid to @safunds as a way to support the community.


Step 6: Now the window will close and return you to the compose page. Click the Post button to publish your post. (Check the image on Step 5).

Congratulations you have published your first post.

How to see your published post on your page

Now that you have published your first post, it will appear in your posts page. To see it, take the following steps.

Step 1: Click the Profile Icon at the top right-hand side of your page and click Profile from the menu items that appeared.

Step 2: Click on posts tab. You can see your latest post on top on the page. You can click it to open and see it. Congratulations. (Check image below)




I hope this tutorial has been very useful. IF you have any questions, you can drop it in the comment section below
Note @steemitblog: 10% of this post earnings goes to @steemalive as beneficiary.

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Hello @focusnow,

This is great.It will benefit newbies in no small measure.It has all the practical steps on how to log in and make a post on Steemit.I hope newbies and online teachers can use this to help new recruits.


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