A proposal Introducing #all4null - Make one or more posts per week and set the rewards 100% to @null

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Following up on the many proposals and the discussion about making steem great again, many ideas have come up. That is the beauty of crowdsourcing ideas. If you have missed the recent conversation which was prompted by my suggestion to always visit steemcurator01 comments page, here is the link again. Check the comment section:

Lots of ideas and discussions was done about the #club200 which steemcurator01 raised. It remains to be seen how that project will run. Am sure the steemit team will be looking at all the suggestions and would come out soon with the project proper #club200. While we wait on that, can we have a discussion on something that SC01 picked up from the preceding discussion between me and @jueco.

@jueco suggested we borrow a project in Steemalive community called #all4one and implement it on Steemit as a whole. I supported that and suggested we call it #all4null. You can see SC01 comment below showing they would like it:




What is #all4null?

#all4null would be a project that encourages participants to burn steem 100%. ALL the rewards for that post goes to @null. - hence the name #all4null. That would be amazing considering that the more steem we burn, the healthier steem price would be sooner or later in the market. If we can get many people to support this project, then we would greatly reduce the amount of steem in circulation and positively influence the price of Steem.

Support #all4null weekly

It is very easy to do #all4null. Just make at least one post each week - or preferably more, and set the rewards 100% to @null. Just like the burnsteem projects, votes will probably not be guaranteed. But those that support this and other Steem projects stand a greater chance of being supported by the steemit team.

Suggestion on how to use the tag

Use the #all4null tag on all posts that you have set the reward 100% to @null. I encourage us to make as many #all4null posts as we can per week. The more the better, maybe the steemit team will know how to support your other posts if they wish.

Suggestion on Post Quality

I do not feel that the steemit team will just vote any posts because they are #all4null. They will likely not compromise post quality. We do not compromise quality too in our all4one project. So make sure your post has great quality. Engagement is very important. Encourage your friends to engage your #all4null posts with quality comments. And do not forget to use #all4null among your first 3 tags.


Lets talk about #all4null

What do you think about this project. How can we make it better? Will you like to support #all4null and help Steem to grow faster in the crypto market? How far can you go in supporting #all4null per week? Lets talk in the comment section of this post.

Thank you @steemcurator01 for loving the #all4one idea. I will fully support it starting from this article. SteemALive community is solidly behind it too.

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Hi sir @focusnow I am very happy to discuss this with you and all steemian.

I am always happy and will always welcome all ideas from Steemit Team or from steemians which are then recommended by the Steemit Team. I and all of us really care and want the Steem ecosystem to be more valuable and can appreciate all the efforts of content authors here. But I have some things I don't understand and need an explanation from you, my dear friend.
Please take the time to give me the answer to:

  • How much percentage of Steem value can we increase per week / in 7 days for 1 time payment of 100% of each account?
  • How many of the active steemians will survive and support this decision?
  • Do you think losing 10 - 20 % of active users will not affect the value of Steem and the platform?
  • How many people on the platform will understand about this? meaning, they not only support in comment or a post and then follow it, but understand how much influence to build Steem on their efforts and work so far with (#Club 100, 75, 5050) and in the future.
    ...Honest! for me personally this is a very good idea without any "worries" in the slightest.

Tangible questions 🔥

All initiatives for steem growth will definitely be supported and accepted with a measurable and systematic analysis of their impact..

I read the interesting comments from @ridwant and @rem.motta on this post.

I want to know the explanation - Once again, I support all initiatives towards the growth of steem.

Thank you @focusnow, greetings and success to all

Sounds Strange...
؛This rule should applies who hold 30k own sp. And apply #all4null in 2 posts per month.
(small whales can't afford this load)

Because many of community admins have not too much sp and also they are delegating their own community

Every one is not same that he or she giving his/her 100% to steem, they write post and send 25% to @null,.
This kind of act could reborn bots

This is a good project as it will help Steem price to appreciate in value overtime.

Yes #all4null am in great support and we show my support soon by action, lets steem to the moon.

Wow,this is really a nice initiative,I am in it.

This is great, so this #all4null is really gonna be a reality
All hands must be on deck to burn steem now, I'll make my first #all4null post soonest, my complete support to this project

@precious123. Thank you for always supporting us. We can always do everything possible to help Steem grow. Let's do #all4null

We're in this together 🤞

I don't think setting 100% is hard for us here in steemalive. We already have a project called #all4one so #all4null is something we can do willingly. All4one and all4null is a good project. Steem must grow.

Me parece excelente la idea de crear publicaciones aunque sin perder la calidad de las mismas, para el crecimiento del steem dentro de la plataforma.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Am solidly behind this project because, I want the best for steem/steemit. My next post will be all4null. Steem must grow

Checking the rules


Checking Post Quality

Compliance with Topic2.2/2.5
Use of Markdown2.1/2.5
Spelling and Grammar2.1/2.5
Content Depth2.1/2.5

I love the last statement in your sentence, steem must grow

This means we are giving steem no other option than to grow, it's either it grows or grows 😅

That's the bus stop. If you're a steemian and your prayer is for steem to fall, it's better you leave ooo because steem must grow. Let's hustle.....

Am in support of the word, steem has no option than to grow

This is really great idea. I love Steem and can't wait to see Steem grow again. In that case, am in support of this program 100%. #all4null to the moon.

We in steemalive have always supported your projects. This is because we know they are in the interest of steemalive. I am in support and I will do #all4null once every week. Let it be pegged at 1 such post weekly.

It is great to see that you have initiated the suggestion immediately, I wish everyone can follow suite and we all help make steemit an enjoyable ecosystem.


You are the main person that reminded me of what we are already doing that is effective. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Lets do more together!!!! Lets do #all4null

Of course, just as the saying goes, together we stand and divided we fall.

We can only grow steem together, it's not a "one-man" thing.
It requires collaboration and cooperation even if it requires making sacrifices.

Let's do this!!!

Sure. Collaboration and cooperation from the beginning. "One man" projects cannot survive for long just as we have in fact seen. We do more together!!! Thanks @jueco

You think wrong. What do you think you are? What this idea brings is less than a flyspeck.
And if it does work (it won't)? Then the Upvu users rub their hands. They pull thousands of STEEM out of the system every day, for whose "stabilization" you now think you can do something. Every Upvu user, even every "honest" investor, is just laughing his head off about this kindergarten shit.