A Presentation for Potential Users that have not heard about Steemit before. Start your journey here!

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I am delighted to welcome you friend to this presentation. You probably saw our Facebook Ad or heard about this opportunity through our numerous promoters scattered across cities and states in Nigeria. Whichever way, I am excited to have you around for this business opportunity presentation. Feel free to ask questions through the comment section of this post if there is anything you did not understand after going through the document. Here are the major things we will explain:

  • What is Steemit
  • How do I get rewarded as a content Creator?
  • How do I Start?

Without wasting much time, lets get into business.


1. What is Steemit

Steemit is the first content publishing platform powered by blockchain technology. In a clear and simple way, I usually say that Steemit is a Hybrid of 3 major technology sectors - Social media, Blogging/content publishing platform and Blockchain.

Steemit as a social Media Platform

As a Social Media Platform, users on Steemit sign up and have a page where they can publish their content. Each Steemit user has their own page and unique username. Through you page, you can make posts, read other people's posts, comment, share posts, have followers, and follow other people. These are things people do on social media and Steemit has all of them.

Steemit as a blogging/content publishing platform

As a content publishing or blogging platform, Steemit has millions of active users globally that publish content on their pages. In content creation or blogging, we have what is called Niche. A niche is simply the topic or topics you write on. On Steemit, users that write the same content (niche) or similar content are organized into communities. Each community is a collection of writers that specialize on a particular area or subject or who come from the same country. So there are communities for health, sports, history, travel, nature, music, graphics, culture, food, cryptocurrency, fiction, philosophy, etc. Steemit has more than 200 communities. So whichever area you specialize on, Steemit got you covered. Of course, you are free to join as many communities or niches as you can. You are free to publish your content and get supported by any community if you are active there.

Steemit as a blockchain

Steemit makes use of the steem blockchain to securely and permanently store our content in distributed systems or computers located across the world. Blockchain is the latest technology for storing and distributing data in a way that no one controls it. Blockchain has many applications. One of the smaller technologies that came from blockchain technology is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a popular example of a cryptocurrency.

So friends, Steemit has its own cryptocurrency which makes it easy to pay content creators across the globe. The steem coin has been in the crypto market since 2016. In fact from the things you will write, Steemit will pay you 3 cryptocurrencies - Steem, Steem dollar and Tron. You can see the current naira rates of each of these cryptocurrencies on Coin Gecko a crypto exchange platform.


2. How do I get Rewarded as Content creator on Steemit?


There are two major ways to get rewarded as a publisher on Steemit. They are Author Rewards and Curator Rewards.

Author Reward

Yes as a content writer, you earn from Steemit when you write and publish publish quality, original articles on any topics.

Today, the Social Media industry is big business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twittter, Whatsapp, etc generate billions of dollars from the things we write and publish there, but they do not reward us the content creators. For example, each time you log on to Facebook and make a post, you generate revenue through the content you publish. Because there are millions of users doing the same thing, billions of dollars are generated by you and me. Where does this money go? The social media giants make the whole money, and do not share it with those that helped generate it. Now you understand why Mark Zuckerberg, for example, remains one of the richest person in the world. This is how Steemit is different - a revolution.

When you publish your article on Steemit, the community supports you by reading and clicking on your posts. Each click of the like button on your post earns you some Steem, Tron and Steem dollar. Because we have a large community that supports authors, it is possible to earn big rewards as a publisher on Steemit. So when you write and publish, you earn from the votes or likes your post receives.

Curator Reward

Another way to earn on Steemit is to support other authors by reading and liking their posts. Each time you click the like button on a post, you have rewarded the author with some steem, steem dollar or Tron. This is another way Steemit is a revolution. Yes when you like a post on facebook, you do not earn, the author do not earn. But on Steemit, When you like a post on Steemit, the author earns, you earn. Each time you support another author by liking their post, you are called a curator and you receive curator's reward.

Crypto Trading

Though not directly related to publishing, crypto trading is another way to earn on Steemit. Steem is a cryptocurrency you can invest in. You can earn extra Steem when you buy Steem and hold in your wallet. Also, you can trade Steem for other coins in the crypto market. We even have an Academy on Steemit called Crypto Academy where we train you on blockchain technology and how to trade cryptocurrencies. The best part, You get Rewarded too for joining the academy. In fact, the crypto academy is one community on Steemit that pays authors the most. You take crypto courses, do homeworks, and get big $$$ votes. You can earn up to $30 or more from your academy home works if you do well.

So you can invest in Steem as a crypto currency and earn from your investment.


3. How do I Start?

If you want to become a content writer on Steemit, the requirements are not hard. First, you must be a good writer and be able to write in detail. Or you should be willing to learn how to write very well. Your content must be original or properly sourced. Plagiarism or copy and paste is 100% forbidden. In fact, Steemit operates on Proof of Brain. You must be ready to use your natural intelligence to create quality content. Most of your articles must be at least 300 words in length or 4 big paragraphs at least. If you have the above requirements, congratulations, Steemit is for you!!!

You can sign up if you are able to do that. Here is the URL to sign up from: https://signup.steemit.com/

I can help you sign up too and set up your page. You will send me your username, phone number and email. I am an admin in SteemAlive community - one of the most successful African communities on Steemit with more than 7000 subscribers. So as you join us, you are joining the largest community of successful African content creators available anywhere.

After registration, you will complete a 6 - task introduction course for beginners. I recommend you try to complete at least the first 4 tasks in your first week. Once you do, we will add you to our Telegram group and annouce you as an official member. We have teams in more than 7 cities in Nigeria, Including Lagos, Abuja, Aba, Owerri, Uyo, Umuahia, Ogun, Nasarawa, etc.



Content creators are getting smarter now. Instead of wasting your energy and enriching someone else, why not write where rewards are guaranteed. Steemit is the only content publishing platform that rewards you for your write-ups.

Many people have taken advantage of this rare opportunity and their lives changed forever. You can become a success story once you pass through our mentorship system. For those in Aba or Abia State, you can come to our main office at 208 Azikiwe road Aba, First floor front. Thank you for reading through this presentation. We wish you success as you begin your journey on Steemit, the best content publishing platform powered by blockchain technology.


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