The dairy game on 15/7/2021 how I spent my day

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Good evening my dear steemians, I hope you guys are good and healthy. it has been long I posted here. I said let me use this medium to tell you how I spent my day.
How it started and end,
Today I woke up as early as 5:30am. Joined our morning devotion with my family as usual we do every morning. After the prayer I did my house chores. Took my bath and prepared myself off to shop.
On my way going to shop I branch to a chemist.because I am having a serious catarrh. I Bought drugs and inhaler. Which I will take wen I got to shop. When I got to shop I prayed again and slept every where sample my goods. Not quite long I bought food.

Here is the food I bought and my medicine to take



After eating I stayed small. I remembered that when I was at home my customer called me on phone said I should Keep plywood for him that he is coming to buy it. Thereafter some minutes he came around and pick up the plywood and buy some building accessories which warth of
#7700 only
Here is the place I calculate it at the back of my receipt

afternoon time I bought garri and soup but my catarrh didn't allow me to enjoy it
I was uncomfortable.the catarrh also made me not to enjoy the food and also snap it but I pray next time I will do so

Later in the day when going home


However when I got home I undress myself wash my clothes and take my bath.
Immediately I finished bathing my cousin bro have finish cooking .

Here's my dinner



My sisters and brothers from this platform i have gained a lot of knowledge and details in almost every aspect of life thanks to @steemalive and everyone working hard for the growth and daily running of this platform. I really appreciate everyone.thanks🙏
Good night 🛌

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I prefer your dinner. I like swallow than rice

Your dinner got me attracted bruh

The catarrh is a general thing now. I am happy you see the drugs for it.