This mber month please be careful

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This morning I was going to sango the bus I enter a woman was narrating a story of how her daughter enter a bus going to ibadan.. unknown to her she did not observe the bus she was entering that its was a one chance bus... Some long miles later everybody inside the bus started coughing and sleeping off.. then the next they did is that they blind- folded them and took them into a every deep forest...when they got there they open their eyes and by then they become conscious of what was going on around them... That was when they knew they are all in big trouble and about to die.....this woman daughter in particular was the fourth to be beheaded...when she saw the whole settings she screamed Jesus immediately the beheader summoned her to come forward and they shut her mouth up with jazz...there she witness how they were cutting human beings head for sales and every part of the body was up for sale...the most scary part is that people buying them are already on standby...wanting to pay huge amount of money for the sensitive part of the body all these she witness..but she never say a word after seeing all this, she then say to herself that if Jesus dies for her sin...tht this will never take her life...she said all that in her heart... immediately not knowing that the beheader knew what she was thinking about... They suddenly there was silently and immediately they carried her away from that place to blind fold only her and drop her Infront of a redeem church...where she said it's was somewhere in the north after she was able to get a contact with her family.... I would just employ us to be very careful around where we go and what we eat this ember months.... God bless you all

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