People in our lives: Let me show you my neighbor!

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Hello everyone, come let me show you my neighbour. Meet my neighbour, Miss Tawa Toyin Rasheed.

who is a neighbour👇?

A neighbour can be defined in two ways, first a neighbour is a person who is living next to your door or in the same apartment and compound with you, a neighbour can be a male or female.

Secondly a neighbour can be referred to someone who offer himself willingly to help you whom might not be living with you in the same house street or compound.

Miss Tawa is my next door neighbour and she is a lovely woman and i can pick her as my good friend, she has been so good to me she is a loving woman and well oriented.

Miss Tawa is a native of Ondo state and due to some reasons beyond human prediction she's still single and searching, she do not have any child yet.

She works with Nigeria breweries and I don't know her position, she worships with a Christian religion known as Mountain of fire ministry Church.

Do you want to know whats special about her?✍

I call her Mommy not just because of age difference but because she treats me like her daughter, she's so kind hearted unlike some single aged woman that turns aggressive sometimes violent to those around them.

Miss Tawa is so humble despite her level of education she set asides time to listen to me whenever I run to her for advice. Sometimes i get so angry over some life problems i will ran to her and she will reassure me with kind words given me more reason to keep living.

She's more than a neighbour to me she is like my elder sister and i really love her.

Look 👀 at this picture 👇

You see sisterly love in us, i have so many neighbour but Miss Tawa is my best neighbour and sister who never think she's better than anyone.

At one time I was very very sick I couldn't help myself in any way and my husband wasn't around Miss Tawa took good care of me, she made food for me and she did other things like helping me to the bathroom etc.

At one time too I was in need of a huge amount of money to solve a family problem immediately I ran to her she didn't hesitate to assist me with the money.

Another important thing about this young lady is that despite being so kind she doesn't take insults she's strict when it comes to rule and principles that might attract insults.

She has no close friend and no enemy and as a result everyone in the compound stays off her part.


I will say that I am blessed with her as my neighbour because Lagos state is a mind your business city where even your next door neighbour do not care about you but my case is different I have a neighbour who loves and cares for me.
Can your neighbour be this kind? Please let me know she or he?

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Wao, you are lucky to have Miss Tawa as your neighbor. You must be like her if not she won't choose you among the rest of the people living in the compound. Continue to be who you are.

Wow,I can see that she is really a good woman,despite age she still takes everyone as her friend.

She is a kind of person to live with and you are very lucky to have her as a friend.

Yes shes so loving and so kind

You have written so impressively about your neighbor Miss Tawa. With what you have written, who will not like to have her as a neighbor? We need good neighbors like her

she's so kind hearted unlike some single aged woman that turns aggressive sometimes violent to those around them

This is so nice. Am sure she wont have issues always giving to people around her. Such acts of kindness draw people to us and make them want to be our friend forever. I admire her.

Yes she is a woman of wisdom and she loves helping people, i admire her too and will always appreciate her as my neighbour.

Thank God for the kind of neighbour that you have. Very nice and accommodating. Keep it up

Secondly a neighbour can be referred to someone who offer himself willingly to help you whom might not be living with you in the same house street or compound.

A neighbor is that person who is ready to help without looking back. You said miss tawa is your nextdoor neighbor who never think she is better than others.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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I love caring am just looking at her I have seen that she will be a very strict regards to Aunty Tawa.tell her okere-blessing wants to be her friend too.

Omor, you guys look more like siblings
Your neighbor is kind-hearted and a lovely person to associate with, I'm in love with miss Tawa already

My dear you are really lucky to have such a caring and nice neighbor as Miss Tawa.

😂 The second pic is really funny, why was she keeping her face like that na?

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What kind of heartily neighbour in Miss. Tawa you have , seen your traits and her personal principle and rules for living gets resonate . That's just kind of reasons you guys seems to blend up together , more like birds of same feathers.