POWER UP 169 STEEM POWER, And Dreams of Becoming a Dolphin at the End of the Year

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Hi Guys.

Introducing, My name is abenk, or with a steemit ID @atim1234.
This time I want to make a post about me doing a Power UP of 169 STEEM POWER, this proves my seriousness in participating in the #club5050 Program.

And I aspire to be able to become Dholpin at the beginning of this year, yes even though this cannot be achieved without hard work, but I dream of it.

Jepretan Layar 2021-11-17 pada 01.58.39.png

Well, I want to say that, Initially I had 1,343 STEEM Power, and 351 STEEM Power I delegated the Steem SKillshare Community Curation Account and the STeem Promo

Jepretan Layar 2021-11-17 pada 01.59.06.png

I've converted some of the SBD I've earned in the past few weeks, and my total gain is 169 more STEEM which I will convert to my power.

Jepretan Layar 2021-11-17 pada 02.00.35.png

Jepretan Layar 2021-11-17 pada 02.10.55.png

And, I currently have 1,513 STEEM POWER , and this is an amazing achievement in my opinion. I really want to be a Dolphin in early 2020, please pray and support my friends.

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