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Hello my wonderful steemians today I will be telling you all how I spent my day so happily with my friends at the church premises, before I start my story just make sure you have a glass of juice with you on the table so you could be a le to read and understand.

Today's early morning my friend called me to come out so we could go for early morning juggling but I told him that I could not make it because I was very tired after playing football and somebody fell on me and I scratched my back on the ground, I was feeling a little pain in my back that's why I couldn't go for the juggling.

After then I did my press up and I rushed outside to clean the compound because the air that is in my area brings in different things because of this weather and it makes the compound to be very dirty and litered, when I was done with the clean up I prepared noodles to eat buh when I was done cooking it I couldn't eat it because it was not sweet I had to throw it away and bought snacks that I ate.

after then I called my that we always rehals together in church to inform him about our rehalsa in the evening so he won't forget or come to the church very late because he always forget something easily that's why I always remind him.

Some photos of us in the church backyard




Indeed it was a very blessed day and successful rehalsa, we were able to rehals until evening when it was all dark.

Thank you all for reading through my post today


Steem on, steemians


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