Valuable Life Lessons I Learnt Playing Bricks Game In My Childhood

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Gaming is a wonderful way of learning life lessons. However, many do not know about this purpose. They simply play, get the excitement and that's all. Please don't be the person explained above. That was how a friend lamented how computer deliberately outsmart him while playing. I mean he was expressing his frustration as if his life depends on it.

I have my own part of the story playing games as a child and as a grown adult. Sorry, I can't remember ever playing electronics games as an adult, because my adulthood has been activity packed. So, my exposition will be on my childhood particularly, "Bricks Games".

The Bricks Game

When we were growing up, the most affordable electronics game was the bricks game. Apart from the affordability, it has many advantages over the other available game; the video game. It was sleeker and easier to carry around. So, unlike video games that can not be easily moved around, the bricks game can be moved even in the pocket. It runs on battery, while video games run on electricity, which were not readily available. Those were the advantages bricks had over video game.

Playing bricks games were so exciting. I got my first bricks game as a gift from my brother's driver. Then, my elder brother was a manager in a small transportation company. And when I came to live with him, most of the drivers loved me. They nicknamed me, " Small". That was how one of the drivers by name, "OO", lent me the little device to explore. After many days, I returned it on my brother's directive. Instead, the driver asked me to keep it. That was how I became first owner of the prestigious gaming device as at that time.


I could play all day and sometimes rent to other lads for money. However, that's not the reason I have come here to share. I'm here to explain the lessons I learnt playing the game of bricks.

It is called bricks games because it involves arrangement of bricks-like shapes on the screen of an electronics device to score points. There are different types of bricks shapes that the system brings along. And your duty as the player is to fit them into available spaces at the base of the screen.

When you arrange a complete line, it clears and you score 100 points. You can arrange a maximum of four lines in a single stroke. And when you achieve that, you automatically score 600 points instead of 400 points. That's an extra two points. Awesome, right! As kids, we boast about how great we are in the game. Sometimes, we bet on who would score highest points over a period of time and earn some cash.

Now, in other to earn huge points in a very short time, we fall into the temptation of planning to clear 4 lines repeatedly to score 600. That strategy boosts ones score very fast. If you get 600 points ten times, it becomes 6000 points. But then, you are beaten or fail sooner than you started most of the times.

In one of those days when I had lost huge money betting and playing, I tried another strategy. I decided to clear every line as they came. No more waiting to get a big hit ones and then plan for another one. I discovered I lasted very long and scored very high. I could still recall, I lasted on that section for 4 hours and scored very high. I could pause when the need arises, do other things and then come back to it.


That day, I won back all the money I lost. And none of the boys knew my strategy. Guess what, at the end of the day, I made a lot of money from that before they learn the strategy. By then, I was already tired of the game, and could rarely accept to play.

The Lesson I Learned

According to an ancient Greek writer Aesop (c620–c560 b.c.e.)

"Slow but steady wins the race."

Trying to make huge score as soon as possible ended my section faster. Yes, I scored high points in a matter of minutes, but I ended it so soon. In the other way round, when I take one thing at a time, I last very long as earn more.

I learnt from clearing every line of bricks as they came number not withstanding. I balso apply it to my life activities. For instance, when I graduated from school, I took up a Five Thouand Naira job, a job many graduates will never will never imagine. I knew that going to work every morning gives me an edge over some of my mates who were idly waiting for big paying jobs.

And as I worked, I gained experience, recommendations, and met more knowledgeable people. Although I didn't continue in career path but I learnt of an opportunities that agrees with my life aspirations. And that is writing contents. I still do the first job alongside my freelance wrting business, but no longer earn that little.


I wish to say I'm very lucky to come in contact with the bricks game. It is one of my greatest childhood experience. Anyone reading this thread can copy this lesson I'm talking about. You don't just play games for fun. You can even teach your children to look out for lessons in every game they play.

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