Is There Future For The Christian Religion

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It may seem very odd asking if there's a future for Christianity. After all, it has been there for donkey years. Well, it's not my wish that the only religion I ever knew is caught shot any day, whether near future or distant future.

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I'm moved to write so that we could consciously salvage our dearest religion. I will be writing out of my many experiences, especially my recent one. In the remaining part of this piece, I will tell you my ordeal and leave you to be the judge. Let's get right into it.

About three months ago, I had an offer from one of the professional bodies in the country, name withheld. They were establishing branches of their institute in all the states of the federation. To easily achieve that, they needed a temporal site in my state to kickstart their program. So, I was contracted to search for a school that could provide a minimum of 20 classrooms every weekend.

At the beginning, I thought it would be super easy to get. I quickly scanned my area in my head, checking for schools that could provide that number of classrooms. I was sure of three schools; two church schools and one government school.

I moved into action immediately, meeting the schools"management for discussion. I didn't meet any of the schools head on a seat on my first visit, but I did gather a few information I didn't know earlier. These were the advantages and disadvantages of each of the schools, as it relates to our criteria.

All of the schools met the space criteria, that's a minimum of 20 classrooms. Then the government school was taken out of the picture because its space are not available for weekends. It was remaining the missionary schools.

Then, one of them failed the test because it is not easily accessible. Given the fact that it will serve people from all parts of the state, it should be readily accessible to all. This means we have only one left and I loved it.

As the administrator, I would enjoy its proximity to my house. So, I made the plans to meet the proprietor of the school. That took me back to the school, and because it was holidays, I met the bursar and one other staff. They told me I have to meet with the pastor of the church. But he only attends to issues not relating to spirituality every Wednesday

Since it was Thursday already, it was obvious my meeting would be scheduled to the next week. I went home very hopeful. I never thought my proposal would be rejected, given that we were ready to pay for the space.

On that day, I made sure I got there on time. At 8.30 am, I was already seated with my tag numbered 11. It was a surprise that I didn't get at least number 5. But then, that wasn't a problem. I waited until it was nearly my turn meet with the cleric, something unexpected happened.

Just then the personal assistant to the pastor demanded to know my reason for meeting with, "Daddy". I explained everything to him. Then the next question went, "where do you worship?" I innocently said, "Catholic". The young man, instinctively, moved a few steps away from me, shaking his head. I didn't understand him, but after some seconds, he said, "Not possible".

I asked, "Why?"

He retorted, "I said it's not possible."

"Okay, just allow me to have a word with Daddy", I insisted. I was trying to sound like it this time. Maybe saying just "pastor", made me sound odd. But then, it was already late because I have mentioned the church I attend.

He shook his head even more and moved farther away. I was rattled but had to leave the place after he ushered in two more people one after the other. He even sent somebody to collect the tag I was having. It was an experience I will never wish my enemies. Being rejected by my brothers for one flimsy reason.

Like I said earlier, I have had other experiences I wouldn't mention here, for the sake of time. But you can judge if we are doing it well from this story. This is because it happens every day. Perhaps, some of you have heard your part of the story. That makes it easier for me. However, you should note that this is not a malicious thought. But I'm trying to correct our mistakes and grow stronger.

If you have engaged in discrimination among humans, especially on the ground of religion or on the denomination, end it today. You have been hurting the existence of our world and especially our lives in Christianity.

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