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Already the word makes me sick. It's frequently used by people, sheep, in the wrong context. It's not different from the words "discrimination", "homophobia" and so on. Those who have an opinion of their own are labelled by a certain group whose only power comes with who shoutest at loudest.
"If you shout you are wrong" is what I was raised with. If you have no brains, are too lazy to do some research yourself, can only repeat like a parrot what some of those others say if you blindly follow and believe what the media (worldwide owned by not even a handful of people) write you are brainwashed. You have tunnel vision and no opinion of your own. To me, you are a sheep. Not one with a will of its own but a sheep that even if it's sick and in pain walks on its knees and follows the group because it is too afraid to be left behind. You are even that sheep who finds it normal to be barked at, drilled and bitten by a dog. The dog is known as a big brother. The one you hope he can be trusted but who can kill you too (ever read 'Animal farm'?).
It's unbelievable how easy it is to scare people but also how easy they are transformed into bullies and weapons of the government.

Anti corona vaccines

After millions are vaccinated which was promoted by the media who keeps promoting it, we suddenly read news about side effects. We hear the truth. The media lied, governments lied, pharmaceutical companies lied. The vaccines are not safe. Those tests to approve vaccines were not all done are not finished yet. Indeed after the testing period, people get hurt. Many ended up on the IC after being vaccinated. Perfectly healthy people. The vaccine did it to them. No government mentioned it, newspapers kept silent, those who suffered and died were ignored. "Caused by the coronavirus," was what the government, virologists and media said. In reality, doctors refused to see those who called, doctors' services told victims calling in pain not to be such a cry baby! Elderly dying because of the side-effects shouldn't complain.

"We do this together", is the minister of Health his slogan and "we do this for the elderly".
Really? Those elderly who do not visit any festivals, who are dumped in nursery homes, that elderly no one visits and cannot leave their bed? Are "we" really doing this for those elderly who weren't taken to hospital as they became sick? Those people the minister of Health let die without any shame? It's a joke, a big joke and worst of all is there is a large group of people truly believing this.
"We do this for you", they are bleating, "we do this for you so why do you refuse? How antisocial of you!"

Antisocial? Those who go for vaccination do it for themselves, do it out of fear! These vaccines aren't real vaccines they are completely different. Not everything in a syringe is a vaccine! Insulin is not, morphine is not, cocaine is not. What these anti coronavirus vaccines bring is misery. Several people suddenly are infected with the coronavirus, there are many side-effects and experts warned but those people were deleted, called conspiracy theorists, liars. Dying is called a side-effect today. Before it was murder.

If you take a vaccine, no matter if it was forced upon you, you do it for yourself! It's your decision. Your fear eats you, your lack of trust in your body, your immune system, the fear of what people will say and think about you if you ask questions, have doubts. If you go for that vaccine you do it for yourself because you want to visit that festival with 4000 people and get drunk, you want to have group sex and travel. You do it for you, not for me or those elderly you never cared about and never will cry a tear for.
Those elderly... to you they are useless people. They only consume and cost the society, cost you, money. These are the facts, what the media told you for years. This is how it is and the media, those papers are always right. Even if the article is badly written/translated. The elderly are a burden to society. There's no need to care, it's good so many died in 2019,2020 and if death is called a side-effect it's no big deal. We all die and those elderly had their life.


We all know communication is important if it comes to relationships. A part of it is freedom. The freedom to have an opinion of your own and to express yourself. Another part is to listen to each other. People are not the same. What is good for you can be harmful to someone else.
If 2% of a population ending up on the IC is good for a worldwide lockdown my question is: How come 86% of people with (serious) side-effects do not count? How come the "we do it for our elderly" doesn't count if it goes wrong and facts are not mentioned, people are not warned, even worse do not receive medical help although they pay at least 130 euros a month for health insurance till the moment they die?
Is democracy not about open discussions any longer? Does the voice of only a few count today? Those without a backbone paid by...?

Doctors are forbidden to cure Covid-19 patients, doctors are threatened, not informed about the latest developments. Doctors are sacked, doctors gave up on their profession. Their ad says they are not allowed to harm people. Nevertheless, they do and keep their mouth shut.

Lie after lie is told. Tests are done wrong. Being infected is not the same as having Covid-19. The mortality is 0.23%, not 3.5% and excellent people with knowledge and years of experience and science are labelled by the government as idiots. Their videos are removed by the government.

Ventilators are harmful.

Why is the pandemic kept alive? The minister said it, the government made it clear: To test and control the people, their behaviour and obedience.

The pandemic is used for political reasons.


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It is very true that most people get carried away and that is why we are like this....
So they say that the vaccine is the virus itself that they give you and that logically you won't get it because you already have it.
that your body will be the reason to pass the test.

it's always like that the media very few people tell the truth.

Well, you are wrong. This vaccine is not like the vaccines we know. It's gen/dna manipulation brought into muscles. It works different from contact with the virus itself so does your immune system. This new vaccine damages your natural immune system and what is activated doesn't last as long as the antibodies and code the real virus gives to your body (works life long).

If this virus is such a killer, like Ebola, we all have had it or have it in us. Contact with it, being infected doesn't mean you have Covid-19. That is what they want us to believe.

If you test for Pfeiffer (kissing disease) you can call this a pandemic too (officially pandemics are announced after a certain number of mortality. The WHO changed that). Without testing streets etc no one knew how or what like with each virus.

Very well I congratulate you excellent article friend @wakeupkitty. In particular, I am not going to get the vaccine, I know many friends who have received the vaccine and have died, it is not a story, it is true because I have seen it up close.

The side effects are know for long. Deafness, blindness is part of it. Besides your own immune system is killed and those vaccinated spread the virus if they have it to way more people. This is not something to joke about.

I have heard of people having side effects from the vaccine. I am afraid to get the vaccine but it is worse to think that at any moment an asymptomatic patient could come to my office and transmit the virus to me.
I prefer not to give my opinion on the rest of what you have said.

Having the virus doesn't mean you will get sick. Shocking is the high amount of people ending up on the IC because of the vaccination. Shocking is 20,000 people are registered at the WHO databank because they are blind due the vaccine.
Shocking is this only concerns 2% of the population and the entire world is in a lockdown. Lockdowns and facemasks are proved not to work. This is a seasonal virus not different from the flu. It comes and goes.

Experimental mRNA vaccination programs in Israel, too, are returning grim results, with a new analysis of vaccine-related deaths demonstrating a dramatic rise in both young and elderly people dying after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine over those who have died after encountering the pathogen naturally.

Upon investigating the Israeli Health Ministry’s own data on the nation’s vaccine rollout, Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a member of the faculty of Medicine at Aix-Marseille University, and engineer Haim Yativ revealed that Pfizer’s mRNA experimental vaccine killed “about 40 times more [elderly] people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period.

Among the younger class, the researchers discovered that these numbers are compounded to death rates at 260 times what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.

Have a look at the dates! It's all ignored. There are medical sites with reports, scientific reports and governments ignore them.

It's the same as always. They play blind, deaf and dumb. It's always the people who are the guinea pig, never to say that they are wrong.

The truth is frustrating. I felt that they just want to save money with this approach. If they do it another way it could be better.

They could ask for volunteers and give reparation or agreements for them. They are making the world become a test subject and it is not sure about the changes it could make to the future. Will it become better or will the virus mutate and become another one.

They don't save money. Not with us. 10 miljard euros is spent at least for shitty things. Why not for hospitals, doctors,nurses? Why are house doctors told to shut up, not to inform patients and are they sued if they cure patients?

I agree. If we all had been allowed to treat covid as we would like to, it would be gone by now. But our doctors were ordered not to think, and they stopped thinking. The doctors will be so shocked when they see what they have cooperated with.

Deafness, blindness, broken immune systems and more. No middle class, everyone needs to be registered and that for 2% of the nation. By now all those people with high risks are vaccinated but the government keeps pushing, discriminates, the laws are changed and every social aspect (school, culture, restaurant visits) is forbidden if you are not vaccinated and tested. It won't be the end. September with us we will all locked up again. They will find a new virus/mutation and kill more people till children believe it is normal to identify yourself everywhere and be registered, chipped...
Even highschool, university will no longer be possible. They force into vaccination and tests. Tests that turn out not to be reliable for 50% New laws are based on that. Sounds like corruption to me.

yes, just as with covid con, they are already preparing us for what is to come, so we won't be surprised and will cooperate. Again. Don't.

Interesting how they know months in advance what will happen. It's all based on nothing. As long as I can live without I will.

Read in the papers how many died because no medical help was given, no doctors available. It was covid interest only.
Hundreds died, over 140,000 still waiting for an operation... accidents at home no treatmens. ☹

And now people dying or having their lives ruined by the vaccine, which is what this has always been about.