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Hoy es un día de paz, una apacible calma producida por un cambio de actitud, me encuentro en una fase de toma de decisiones, que debe ser atentida para el logro de las metas propuestas, hoy es una pausa, pero tambien es un inicio, que toma forma en mi mente, y debo plasmar para convertir en realidad.




Today is one day of calm, with a peace produced by a change of attitude, I am in a phase of decision making, which must be attended to the achievement of the proposed goals, today is a pause, but it is also a start, which takes shape in my mind, and I must punt into actions soon to become a reality.


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Hi, @joseantpp, try to please pass this link to the 300 characters contest.

It is very important to have peace for the completion of the objectives.

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It's good to take a break and have time to think about the next steps.
Thank you for sharing your today with us. 👍


It's good for body and soul to have a pause. We need time to "digest" life and to recharge. 🍀💖