Weekly Report as Greeter Fairy for Newcomers Achievement Program || 22/10/2021 || by @xkool24

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Hello Steemians, I am glad to present my report for the week as a Greeter Fairy. Grateful to #cryptokannon for this opportunity to serve in the Newcomers Community. I have visited 31 different users in the course of my activity and these are the list of verified users as well as pending users who are expected to update their posts by aligning to the required corrections given.

Some little challenges encountered will also be highlighted at the end of my post.


A. List of Verified Achievement Tasks


NoUsernameAchievement Task Link
1.amademsAchievement 5.3
2.ami-pAchievement 1
3.acedluffyAchievement 1
4.frankie14Acheievement 5.2
5.kingkenny44Achievement 4
6.starshipsflyAchievement 5.3
7.anzaksenAchievement 3
8.emmanuel21Acheievement 1
9.obioracharlesAcheievement 2
10.giftedluvAchievement 1
11.kingheartsAchievement 5.3
12.malagafcAchievement 1
13.augustine31Achievement 1
14.augustine31Achievement 2
15.offia66Achievement 5.1
16.concord-leoAchievement 1
17.rita-oAchievement 2
18.jhuneAchievement 2
19.jerryivanAchievement 5.2
20.timiweiAchievement 5.3
22.amdemsAchievement 5.4
23.luckydrumsAchievement 5.3
24.ofalaminAchievement 5.2
25.meshahAchievement 4
26.malagafcAchievement 2


B. List of Achievement Tasks Pending Correction


NoUsernameAchievement Task Link
27.jacksonmark1Achievement 3
28.jerryivanAchievement 5.1
29.ofalaminAchievement 5.1
30.joymelAchievement 5.1
31.faroukadamAchievement 5.1

Out of the 31 visited user achievement tasks, six (6) were referred to make the necessary corrections and revert for verification. The feedback and response rate was encouraging observed in making these corrections as I was able to verify them at the time of making this summary post.

Thank you everyone and to all users yet to complete their achievement task, it is worthy of us to gain more user experience by doing so. To visit the list of Achievement Task in the #Newcomers-community, kindly use this Link

To reach out to me, Use...
Telegram - @xkool24
Discord - xkool24#1305

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