Weekly Report of Activities from October 12 to 18, 2021, CR Venezuela @wilmer1988

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Weekly Report of Activities from October 12 to 18, 2021, CR Venezuela @wilmer1988, Image Created by @wilmer1988

Hello hello wonderful people of steemit, how good to be able to greet you after a week of hard work in which the contribution and interaction within steemit allows me today to share the results of my support for the functioning of this digital world.


Status of my personal account, @wilmer1988, Link

Thanks to the use of my individual account this week I was able to support with the use of 15,881.32 SP (14,751.53 + 5,179.81 - 4,050.02) to a total of 243 steemians that thanks to their interaction in this world could be part of a week of 363 votes and 277 comments as part of my management.


Personal Account Use Report @wilmer1988, Link


Presentation of the Weekly report of Steem Greeters tasks from October 11 to 17 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988 with Picsart

Report Steem Greeters tasks and curation with the account @steemcurator03: from October 11 to 17 2021 - by @wilmer1988

This week as part of the Steem Greeters team a total of 101 steemians managed to be served by me within the community Newcomers' Community, this with the need to comply with the support program for new steemians "500SP Minnowsupport" which led me to verify 50 achievements, also achieving the correction and guidance of 24 achievements, on the other hand I managed to welcome 27 new users with the guided invitation to join this and other projects of the platform.


Work Done as Part of the Steem Greeters Team from October 11 to 17 2021, by @wilmer1988, Data Base

On the other hand, as a member of the Steem Greeters team this week I managed to put the @steemcurator03 account into use for the benefit of all active users in the development of the growth program "500SP Minnowsupport".

This allowed me to support 30 steemians whose achievements were already correctly verified according to the program "500SP Minnowsupport", which allowed me to comply with the provisions of the steemit team for the use of the @ steemcurator03 account.


My Contribution with the account @steemcurator03, from October 11 to 17 2021 - Data Base

Actualización de Steemit Crypto Academy [18 de octubre de 2021] - Temporada 4: Cursos de la semana 7

Steemit Cryto Academy Season 4: Week 7 Courses, Image Created In Picsart.com

This was another week in which you can bring more users all the current interaction within Steemit Crypto Academy, bringing more people the opportunity to be part of this initiative and enjoy to the fullest all the useful information it has for us as well as the opportunity to have the valuable support of the steemit team, a task that every week gives me the opportunity to contribute to this project, echoing the opportunity it represents for all the members who may be part of it.

This week the interaction within Steem Venezuela allowed me to support 15 members of this community thanks to their participation in another Monday of #sv-escritura thanks to the account @hive-193637, this left 32 very high quality publications which allowed me be a guide to share with you, according to my functions as representative of Venezuela, the following quality post:


Top 5 of this Monday of Writing 10/18/2021, Image created in Picsart.com, exclusively for publications on Steemit

Top 5 📝 Lunes de Escritura 18/10/2021 - #sv-escritura

1Lunes de Escritura. Relato "El niño que soñaba ser el niño de alguien". por @leafarsanto. 15% en apoyo a la comunidad.
3Lunes #SV-Escritura: “El Camino Por La Desesperanza” 18-10-2021 @marcelyskm
4Lunes DE #sv-escritura ✍️ FILIPENSES 4:13 (TODO LO PUEDES EN CRISTO POR QUE ÉL ES TU FORTALEZA) una palabra reflexiva para Ti.@gyenny, 18/10/21 el 15% para @hive-193637 para el crecimiento de la comunidad
5 LUNES de Escritura 18/10/2021 // Llegaron las tareas por @marijo15 // 100%power up

The steemit world does not stop its growth and that is why this week a part of the interaction and support within it was taken to the Discord platform, in it week by week we managed to strengthen communication and be able to get closer to the needs of each member In a more direct and personal way, I want to share with all of you these channels that will be very helpful to you:


Discord Steem Venezuela


I cannot miss the contribution that this week I was able to leave as part of the support that @endingplagiarism and @endplagarism04 gave to the team in their fight to eliminate all malpractice and violation of the platform's use policies, for this reason this week I did the next contribution to this team:

Content identified as Plagiarism

Identical repost


Internet plagiarism


Plagiarism within steemit



Report Curation @steemcurator05 by @wilmer1988 October 14 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988

Report Curation @steemcurator05 and Status of Spanish-speaking Users, by @wilmer1988 October 14, 2021


Contribution with the Account @steemcurator05 14/10/2021, @wilmer1988, Data Base

According to the guidelines given by the team responsible for this platform this week 20 steemians were supported with the account @steemcurator05 under the use of me, this as part of all the support provided by steemit to the interaction within #thediarygame.

DayDiaryNo DiaryInactiveTotal

Detail of the News of the #thediarygame Movement for Latin America, 14/10/2021, @wilmer1988, Data BAse

For this you can review a total of 111 accounts within steemit of which 20 left evidence of activity within the #thediarygame tag, on the other hand 18.9% in turn did not continue to be part of this and another 63.1% on the other hand they were no longer active.

So I say goodbye and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute with steemit week by week.

Greetings, We keep working 👍

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Gracias por el apoyo, realmente tuve la oportunidad de interactuar con @wilmer1988 a través de algunos de mis post, comentarios que nutren definitivamente.

Gracias estimada @marcelyskm, es grato poder disfrutar del aprecio y el valor a todo lo que dia a dia hacemos por este medio

Hola, saludos le doy las gracias @wilmer1988 por su apoyo y orientación, ya voy por el logro 3..