Report Curation @steemcurator05 and Status of Spanish-speaking Users, by @wilmer1988 October 21, 2021

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Report Curation @steemcurator05 by @wilmer1988 October 21 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988

Hello hello wonderful people of steemit, it is a pleasure to greet you on this opportunity to bring you the best of a week full of good things within the platform and all the contribution that week by week we can make in it.

Today I am pleased to share with all of you what left us a week of support for active users in the #thediarygame tag within steemit.


Contribution with the Account @steemcurator05 21/10/2021, @wilmer1988, Data Base

Through the support of the platform this week I managed to benefit 20 steemians with the help of the @steemcurator05 account that allowed me to bring the platform's contribution to these active users within the platform.

All this was possible thanks to the dedication of hours of work and the visit and update of 113 steemians, among which only the following were active for this project:

UserPost Votado
1@saracamperoPost Voted
2@steemitbeautyPost Voted
3@steem-karem23Post Voted
4@soylola3091Post Voted
5@soylilienaPost Voted
6@soyemePost Voted
7@sol02Post Voted
8@skinnygirlPost Voted
9@sharifanaminPost Voted
10@sepulenntoPost Voted
11@sebastian14Post Voted
12@scarletlara247Post Voted
13@saracamperoPost Voted
14@santi06Post Voted
15@santamorilloPost Voted
16@san08Post Voted
17@samynathyPost Voted
18@sampraisePost Voted
19@sakurartePost Voted
20@sabripPost Voted

DayDiaryNo DiaryInactiveTotal


Detail of the News of the #thediarygame Movement for Latin America, 21/10/2021, @wilmer1988, Data BAse

Thus, the current condition of this movement is demonstrated, which currently has 65.5% abandonment where only 17.7% is active as part of #thediarygame and the other 16.8% does so but in other activities and projects.

Detail of the Steeminas Visited on this Day



User Status and Current @steemcurator05 in Latin America, 21/10/2021, @wilmer1988, Data Base

As every week I announce the final results of all the interaction and the work that was carried out to serve more than 2000 registered users, of which only 743 of them presented some type of activity in steemit.


User Status and Current #thediarygame in Latin America, 21/10/2021, @wilmer1988, Data Base

This same work I allow this week to update and contribute the more than 400 steemits that are an active part of what is currently The Diary Game on steemit.

I say goodbye this week thanking you for the opportunity to contribute and give back something of what steemit is for us.

Every day we can grow as a team..

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