The Industrious Seven - Guidelines and tags for 'my life' theme

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Hello to the members of steemit the team industrious seven is ready to curate the quality posts. We hope you have read the update regarding the April curators. We hope we will serve the steemit members with wholeheartedly. The team Industrious seven includes @heriadi, @ispin, @vvarishayy, @leonelb, @franyeligonzalez. @goodybest and @chant. We 7 will be serving as the steemit curators of @steemcurator06. This post is exclusively for the guideline and regulations so you can avail the opportunity to get voted.


You can use the following tags to get the vote from the account steemcurator06. If you use them properly and use proper markdown, your unique work will be curated. If someone will use the wrong tags, it would be of no use to them.

#thediarygameyou can use the following tag in your diaries.
#charityif you post something related to the charity you can include this tag
#actofkindnessyou can use this tag when you do something beneficial for others. You can also include it with the charity post
#mytownin10picsuse this tag when you are making a post in which you are showing different areas of your town.

There are some secondary tags that we have decided are;



Use tags accordingly, only if your post is about it. For instance, if you are making a diary then there is no need to include the tag #mytownin10pics. And it is important for all the members to use the tag #steemexclusive in their all posts.

Mandatory Clubs

Only the members of #club5050, #club75, #club100 will be entertained through the votes. It does not matter how much your post is unique and appealing but if you are not in the clubs you are wasting your time and efforts. So please assure your club status. Our voting support would be according to the club status of the authors.

club statusVoting percentage
#club505030% mana
#club7540% mana
#club10050% mana

Note: the above-mentioned percentage mana would be given to the deserving one, whose post will be worthy enough.


Monday@vvarishayyall tags
Tuesday@heriadi#actofkindness, #thediarygame
Wednesday@franyeligonzalez#charity, #mytownin10pics
Thursday@ispin#charity, #thediarygame
Friday@goodybest#actofkindness, #thediarygame
Saturday@leonelb#thediarygame, #mytownin10pics
Sunday@chant#thediarygame, #actofkindness

Note: We will be following the UTC time and the timetable can vary.


  • We will not be supporting the cross posters and all the posts must be #steemexclusive to get the vote.
  • Proper citation of the images and will not be supporting any kind of plagiarised posts.
  • Quality Content producers will be supported
  • The users must be committed to at least #club5050, and ideally #club75 or #club100.
  • The post length must be at least 250-300 words.
  • You must not be using any bid bots


Membersclub statusDiscord


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It was a very good post. we became a good working team. I can't wait to get started soon.

Thanks for the update, we hope to serve better!

Excellent dear team, we will do a great job. Best regards.

great, it's time to start working.

#affable #venezuela

Que lindo equipo. Gracias por las directrices. Muchos éxitos en la labor

Muchas gracias

Gracias por los tips

Muchas gracias

Thank you so much mam for sharing a helpful information for getting support from your curation team.

And nice publication and team congratulations 🎉 and best of luck to all your team....

Faran Nabeel

Thank you

Hi, does a user have the number of times he or she can be curated in a week? or as long as your post is quality and also in club 5050 to 100 you can post everyday and get upvoted?

It depends, we will track the number of votes per user as much as we can but if the person is working hard he/she will get it at least. The main goal of curator teams is to widen the support system.

It's a nice team.
Congratulations to all my friends. 👏

Thank you <3

Que bien equipo hagan un trabajo extraordinario que se note hasta el último planeta del universo.

Muchos éxitos

Muchas gracias <3

Gracias por la precisión y explicación de más etiquetas. Esperemos hacer un gran trabajo. ♥️

Muchas gracias

Thanks for your introduction, I will surely join in order to try to get some upvotes. Good luck and hoping you will do a great job.

Yeah sure. Thank you

Terimakasih atas informasi ini :)

Terima kasih kembali

thank you for sharing a important information