Bi-weekly Summary CR - Venezuela / Greeter Fairy October 01 to 15, 2021

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Created with free use resource from pixabay, and edited with PowerPoint by @tocho2.

Greetings friends and colleagues from Steemit ..!

I present for you my bi-weekly report from October 01 to 15, 2021 as Country Representative for Venezuela and Curator.

This is the bi-weekly summary of my curatorial tasks for the first two weeks of October 2021, during this period I made a total of 698 votes cast with the assigned curator accounts: @steemcurator03 of the Newcommer Community Program, @steemcurator05 corresponding to the #betterlife and #thediarygame program for Latin America, the community account Steem Venezuela (@hive-193637) and my personal account @tocho2, this has been a great month, I have managed to cover more posts with votes than the previous month.

1) Newcomer's Community

These first 2 weeks of October I have dedicated myself to looking for some expired publications, it is necessary to encourage these users to continue publishing their achievements in the Newcomer's Community. I also put special interest in the users who have published achievement 1 because there are many new users who are entering daily.

During these first 15 days of the month of October I have verified 52 posts of achievements from the Newcomer's Community.

3) Curation with Steemcurator03 account

In this period, I voted for 30 publications, allowing other RC colleagues to use this account to vote as well. This curation procedure consists of voting for the oldest posts that are still in the curation window..

4) Curation with Steemcurator05 account

It is always necessary to clarify that the account @steemcurator05 is used to support users from Latin America who participate in the #betterlife and #thediarygame projects, for this the Representatives of Venezuela take turns every day of the week (2 curators per day) to cast the votes for such programs.

My turns as curator were on October 05 and 12, for a total of 39 supported publications.

5) Curation with the Steem Venezuela community account

With the Steem Venezuela community account (@hive-193637), we support Top-5 posts every day of the week, we support posts about the Steem Venezuela trail and also users who have delegated to the community.

My manual curation turns with this account were on October 03 and 10, during which I supported a total of 34 Top 5 #sv-recreacion posts.

6) Venezuela Country Representative

Using my personal account @tocho2 I made 543 votes in support of users from different communities on Steemit.

7) Contributions for the growth of Steemit in this period

During this period I made 2 publications of the Top 5 Recreation in the Steem Venezuela community on October 10 and 17, and the publications about the Power Up – Oct 1st.
.- Top 5 of 10-10-21
.- Top 5 of 17-10-21
.- Power Up del 1ro de Octubre, 2021 de Steem Venezuela
And my post from the power up of October 1
.- Spud4steem, My Power Up October 1st, 2021

8) General summary

As evidence of the goals achieved in the first two weeks of October, I show you a small graphic summary of my activities as Country Representative of Venezuela, Curator and Greeter:

GRÁFICO 211021.png
Bi-weekly Summary Task - Venezuela C. Representative, Curator and Greeter Fairy
October 01 to 15, 2021 - by @tocho2. Graphic created with Excel.

I reiterate my thanks to the great team of which I am a part: @ anasuleidy, @ adeljose, @ edili24, @ inspiracion, @ albenis, @ wilmer1988, @ saracampero, @ rypo01 and @ miyexi and I for Venezuela; @ fendit, @ belenguerra and @ graceleon for Argentina; and @ nahela for Colombia, we are a great team ..!

Again my thanks to the Steemit team: @ cryptokannon, @ steemcurator01, @ steemcurator02, @ steemcurator03 and @ steemitblog, thank you for supporting the great Latin American family present in Steemit.

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